A lot of the time, New Year's Eve is all about dressing up, going out, and drinking way too much (for our legal age friends). For a lot of people, that idea of NYE is not pleasing... at. all. So, here are some fun ideas for NYE that go beyond the traditional!


paint night


We know a lot of bars do this kind of thing, but why not have one at home?! Grab some painting supplies, a subject, some snacks, and some wine and get painting!


museum/science center

We bet you haven't been to your local science centre or museum in a while! Why not enrich your brain on NYE by visiting! Some museums or science centres have NYE events too! (Be sure to check your local centres!)


at-home fancy dinner/wine and cheese party

Why not stay in and cook an incredible feast with your pals for NYE?! Indulge on all of your fave foods and wine in the comfort of your own home. 

murder mystery party

A lot of people were asking Kelsey how she threw her murder mystery party! Check out a website here where you can buy party packs. They'll explain everything there! (Also check out the vlog where Kelsey threw her party here!). Regardless, throwing a murder mystery party is SO much fun, and is a little more elevated than the typical "come to my place and BYOB" NYE invite. 

spa night

Grab your face masks, cucumbers, and nail polish, and throw a classic spa night with your pals! Why not throw in a little cheese board and wine for your legal age pals. 

movie night

Get cozy, pop some popcorn, throw on your fave movie and ring in the new year in comfort! The perfect at-home + chilled out NYE. 


ice skating!

The cutest and most romantic NYE plans ever (also a great plan idea for your and your friends)! I mean, when's the last time you ice skated?!


And that's it! Happy New Year! 

Check out the video below, and if you do any of these NYE plans send us a picture using the hashtag #SorryGirlsSquad!

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