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The sponsor button is a way to further support your fave YouTube channels while getting extra perks, special content, a fun icon beside your name, and other fun extras that are unique to each creator!

What's the fee?.png

You can get access by paying a monthly subscription fee of 5 bucks per month! If you decide you want to cancel your sponsorship, no worries! Simply go to youtube.com/purchases and find the sponsorship under “Active Subscriptions” and click “End Sponsorship”. If you cancel, you’ll have access to the perks until the end of the billing cycle.

Creators receive 70% of sponsorship revenue and YouTube retains 30% after local sales tax is deducted. All transaction costs (including credit card fees) are currently covered by YouTube.


1. Free template downloads!

Want to make a DIY? Need one of our templates? No worries! Just find the monthly code in the Community Tab and enter it at checkout to get any of our templates for free!

2. Be in the know!

Have first and exclusive access to events, meet-ups, merch launches, and more before anyone else!

3. Live streams!

We’ll try and do live streams where we give you guys design advice, answer questions, and do whatever you guys want!

4. Exclusive access to private polls!

We spend a lot of time sitting around our desk and brainstorming ideas, and we sometimes need your help. Help craft what happens in our YouTube videos!