Becky and I would totally consider ourselves tech-savvy people but sometimes you need to get out there, visit a Home Show or a Best Buy to really realize how far things have come since the last time your explored the tech industry (spoiler: it’s ever changing). Best Buy invited us to check out the National Home Show which means you’re also invited! We found sooo many things we didn’t know we needed until finding these products and just a warning that you will probably feel the same way between reading this blog post and watching the vlog.


The photo above is the front door of the Best Buy Smart Home! We rang doorbells and video chatted with each other through a tablet (using the ring product/ app). If you had this you a) wouldn’t have to leave bed and b) never miss a package because you could just tell the mail person leave it at the door! (Missing packages is seriously a huge annoyance for us).

In the living room we found the Samsung 4K SUHD TV. I mentioned this in the vlog but I totally remember when we moved from VHS to SD and I was like “this is the end, we have reached max quality, this is amazing”. Then HD happened, followed by 4K and SUHD. So clearly we (as in we, humanity) are not done improving the viewing experience and I take back what I said at the end of the 90’s/ early 2000’s.

In the “kids room” we found lots of toys – yes even toys we were VERY into. This dji drone is just GOALS for any YouTuber.

This Hatchimals lil creature ACTUALLY HATCHES OUT OF THE EGG! We were there just as it was starting to hatch (you have to show the egg affection for it to hatch) and Becky had all sorts of mother hen vibes. It was actually really exciting so make sure you check out the vlog for all of the excitement!

In the Best Buy Smart Home there were also a couple of digital picture frames, but these are not your parents’ digital picture frames. They are back-lit, and gorgeous, and simplistic and easy to use (no clunky USBs). This meural picture frame was playing cinemagram and it was sooo soothing to watch.

To see what else we got up to at the National Home Show and in the Best Buy Smart Home make sure you watch the vlog linked below! We also found plants and Himalayan salt lamps and rugs AND at the end of the vlog we show you our Phillips Hue lights in action. We llooooveeee them. They are a game changer and can’t say enough good things!

Thanks to Best Buy Canada for sponsoring this post!

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