Valentine's Day Dollar Store Challenge!

Welcome back to another dollar store challenge! It feels like forever since we’ve done a challenge like this, and thought we’d do it again - with a twist! The rules of this challenge are to DIY with stuff from the dollar store, and one of those items must be related to valentine’s day!


What she picked up…

  • Grey apron ($3.00 CAD)

  • Bamboo trellis ($3.50 CAD for two)

  • Mini chalkboard hearts ($1.50 CAD)

The plan with all of this is to make a really cute bamboo magazine rack! The first step is to open up our trellis packaging and chop off the longer pieces of it using a hacksaw.


Next, Becky placed the two pieces together so that they fit nicely (kind of like two hands holding, how romantic!). She also going to be using the pieces we cut off from the bottom as supports at the top of our magazine rack to keep everything open! To tie everything together, she actually used some twine that came in our mini chalkboard packaging. If you don’t have this, you can go ahead and use regular twine.


Next she’s going to make a liner for it! Using the apron she picked up as well, she cut it into a rectangle to fit into the bones of the rack, ‘hemmed’ the edges using hot glue, and then hot glued pieces of the strap to act as ties to attach the fabric to the rack. She simply tied the straps to the bamboo to attach the liner.

She wrote “get your read on” on the heart chalkboard, and tied it to the magazine rack using some twine! Now your magazine rack is complete!



What she picked up…

  • Trash can ($4.00 CAD)

  • Stuffed monkey ($4.00 CAD)

  • Bamboo beach mat ($2.50 CAD)

Kelsey started by trimming the bamboo beach mat to fit around the trash can. To attach the mat to the trash can, she used some hot glue, wrapped up the can, and trimmed the top and bottom excess bamboo mat, leaving a bit of overhang on the bottom of the trash can. Next, she grabbed a craft knife and cut slits into the overhang to create tabs. Next, she glued the tabs down to the bottom of the trash can to create a clean edge.

The next step is to make a cushion for the top. Kelsey went ahead and took the monkey apart, trying to salvage as much of the faux fur as possible to create a flat piece of fabric. She grabbed a different piece of fabric, and cut two circles and one long strip of this new fabric. She went ahead and sewed the long strip to the edge of the circle. Next, she glued chunks of the white fur to the top of the second circle, trimmed the excess, and then attached the furry circle to the rest of the pillow.


She finished it off by stuffing it with the stuffing from the monkey and sewed it up! As a final step, Kelsey glued the cushion to the stool base!


And that’s it! If you liked this blog post, check out the video below.

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