Today we’re kinda starting, kinda continuing a little challenge! We saw Sarah Hawkinson do a challenge where she tried to find Urban Outfitters outfits at the thrift store, and we LOVED the idea so we decided to try it out ourselves!

We started by exploring the Urban Outfitters site and finding some outfits that we think we could recreate! We headed to the thrift store and came up with some pretty sweet outfit recreations!


Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 10.19.27 AM.png
UO_Outfits-6_photoshop copy.jpg

UO - $205

OUR OUTFIT - $14.77

Kelsey ended up finding platform sandals that weren’t exactly the same as the ones at UO, but we think it gives the same vibe and are kind of cuter than the UO ones! To recreate the scarf, she picked up two different scarves to craft a similar looking one. She also cut the sleeves off of and hemmed the dress to make it more similar to the UO one.


Becky's outfit

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 2.54.08 PM.png
UO_Outfits-7_photoshop copy.jpg

UO - $253

OUR OUTFIT - $11.46

Becky couldn’t find any mom/high waisted shorts at the thrift store, so she ended up having to buy some pants that had a higher waist and cutting them herself. She also bleached one half of the shorts to better match the UO ones. She then found a big mens dress shirt that matched the pattern on the UO one pretty well, and that she simply tied up in a big knot in the front to replicate how UO styled it! She found platform shoes that almost perfectly matched the ones from Urban. Finally, she found some hoop earrings that she simply had to take beads off of to make super similar to the UO ones!


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