TRAVEL HACKS + DIYS you need for your next trip!


We are SO excited to be collabing with Damon and Jo (of YouTube channel DamonAndJo, check them out!) on today’s projects! You guys are always asking for travel hacks and DIYs, and we’re to give you some travel DIYs, while Damon and Jo whip out some hacks for us!

Let’s get started with the hacks!



  1. DON’T LOSE YOUR PHONE! Download and activate “Find My Phone” on your device.

  2. TALK TO FAMILY AND FRIENDS FOR FREE! Download “Whatsapp” to chat with your family and friends for free, just make sure to activate it before you leave because the app requires an SMS texted code for activation.

  3. DON”T GET LOST! Your location services work even if you don’t have service. You know that blue little dot when you open up maps? Use that to figure out where you are and use the map on your phone like a traditional map to figure out how to get around!

  4. DON’T LOSE YOUR IMPORTANT STUFF! Download genius scan! With this app you can scan in all of your important documents to keep them all in one place, digitally!



Don’t throw out old cosmetic containers, use them to store your money! This may seem a little silly, but grab and wash out any old containers for products and use them to hide your money and prevent it from being stolen!



Lay it flat, lay it straight. Instead of folding your clothes and taking up space, lay your shirts flat into the bottom of the suitcase to save space! If an item is too long (like a pair of pants) go ahead and fold the bottom fabric that is hanging out! Make sure to alternate the side that is being folded to prevent bulking on one side.



When packing larger containers of liquids, wrap it up in a plastic bag and store it at the bottom of your suitcase! If it explodes, the liquids will fall down and hopefully not get all over your stuff!



  1. Vitamins/medicines: If you have multiple vitamins or medicines that you take, and you can visually differentiate between the different pills, go ahead and put them into the same container!

  2. CONTACT CASES: Use a contact case to store small amounts of different creams or serums. If you actually wear contacts, go ahead and put contact solution inside of your contact cases before the flight! Saves you lugging around a big container of contact solution!

Time to move on to the DIYs!



Start by grabbing an old hoody, or grabbing one from the thrift store, and our neck rest template linked here!

We started by seam-ripping the front pocket off of the sweater to get it out of our way. Next, pin the template to the body of the sweater and cut out this shape. Make sure to go through both layers of the sweater so that you have two pieces.


Place your two pieces together, with the good sides facing in, and sew all the way around. Be sure to leave a few inch hole at the top to allow for stuffing and flipping the project inside out. Stuff with some pillow stuffing, and hand sew up the gap to complete the pillow! Now to add the hood!


Cut the hood off of the sweater, making sure to cut the hood open if it is connected in the front. Find the center/back of the hood and pin it to the middle of the pillow to hold it in place. Flip the whole project upside down, and use fabric glue to glue the edges of hood to the neck pillow. Let dry and remove the pins, and your neck pillow is complete!




This DIY is a really great way to keep your money and important documents close by, when you’re out and about travelling.

For this DIY, you’re going to need an infinity scarf and a zipper. Try to get a zipper that is the same colour as your scarf to make this extra undetectable. Start by spreading out one part of the scarf so that is lays flat.

Open up the zipper and place it about an inch down the edge of the flat infinity scarf. Fold the scarf over the fabric side of the zipper to cover it nicely, and pin it in place.

Do this to the opposite side of the zipper/scarf. Sew the zipper to the scarf along the lines we just pinned. Pin and sew two vertical lines on either side of the zipper to complete the pocket.



You never want dirty underwear and socks floating around inside of your suitcase... this DIY is going to keep everything under control.  

Start with a large piece of fabric, and fold it in half. Cut a rectangular shape with a fold at the bottom. Fold over the top edge and pin it down to create a tube. Do this to both top sides. Sew a single straight line where we pinned on both sides. Next, go ahead and pin the bag together on either vertical side. Sew along these lines, leaving the top edge/tube untouched. Next, flip the bag inside out! Cut two pieces of rope that are as wide as your bag when folded in half. Loop the ropes through both of the top tubes, making sure that each folded side of each rope is opposite from one another. Once they are both looped through, tie the ends together. You can also get creative by adding beads or designs to your bag!




This DIY is perfect for keeping your liquids safe! Start by grabbing some zipper seal bags that have a fairly strong zipper. Grab some fun duct tape and wrap up the bag. Add some labels to the bags using some sticker letters.

These are perfect for your products that have a possibility to leak!


And that’s it! If you try any of these hacks, show us using the hashtag #SorryGirlsSquad! Check out the video below for more travel hack fun!

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