Throwing a Harry Potter Themed Party!

We decided to throw a Harry Potter themed party! Here are some photos from the event and where we got our inspo for the super fun party!

We started the party prep by creating a brick wall/platform 9 3/4! We picked up this tan coloured fabric and used a sponge to stamp on this brick pattern using this gorgeous brick red colour.


Once dry, we went ahead and cut a slit down the middle of the fabric and hung it up in the entrance of our loft for our guests to run through when they enter the party!

Next we wanted to build a really cool dining hall for our guests to eat in! We started this by creating some floating candles for the ceiling! We collected toilet paper and paper towel rolls from our respective homes, as well as some LED candles, fishing wire, hot glue, and white spray paint.


We started by cutting the rolls to size and hot glueing the LED candles to the tops of the rolls. We also used the hot glue to create some faux candle wax drips around the top of the roll. Repeat! Go ahead and let everything dry.


Once everything is dry, go ahead and give your candles a nice coat of white spray paint! The final touch is to add some fishing wire to the candles and hang them up in your space. We opted to poke the fishing wire through the rubber tip of the candles “flame”, but you can attach it wherever you’d like!

Next, we decided to make some banners to represent each of the four houses in the Harry Potter universe! We simply cut out some respectively coloured fabric out into banner shapes, added dowels to the tops of these banner shapes, and glued print outs of each of the houses onto the flags!

You can access the high quality images of the house crests that we used here:


Next up we created a really awesome game of Quidditch Butterbeer Pong! We got the idea from Farm To Fete, so head on over to their website to learn how to make it!


Next, we created a DIY terrarium station for our guests to create their own terrariums that they could take home! This acts as our Herbology class! We have provided out guests with rocks for drainage, vermiculite (for even more drainage), soil, various mosses, succulents, and of course some philosopher’s stones! We also created a little diagram with steps on how to make a terrarium, so that our guests don’t get confused!


Finally, we set up a Potions class with some cocktails that our guests can whip up on their own! We got recipes for Gillywater here and Liquid Luck here!


Time to see how this whole party came together!


And that’s all! Check out the video below to see how the party went!

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