Thrifted Vanity for Your Dorm Room!

We’re back at ya with another Thrift Flip, the series where we head to the thrift store and make some DIYs out of those items! Today the goal was to create a stunning vanity setup for a dorm room or small space!

Here are the things we ended up picking up from the thrift store!

  • Candle Holder - $3.75 CAD
  • Bathtub Tray - $3.75 CAD
  • Wicker Basket - $3.00 CAD
  • Bamboo Steamer - $1.50
  • Heart Shaped Mirror - $3.00 CAD

Let's get to DIYing this gorgeous setup! 



We picked up this bath tray that is made out of this super light wood, that we thought would be perfect as a floating shelf. Since this is a dorm DIY, we wanted to make sure that the shelf would be light enough to be able to hang on the wall with removable sticky hooks!

We started by taking four gold c-hooks and screwing them into the four corners of the bath tray. We made sure to turn the openings of the hooks facing outward to prevent the chain from slipping off of them. Next, we threaded the end of the chain onto the hooks on either side. Next, take your project to the wall and grab a buddy to help you place the chain and shelf against the wall. Adjust the chain until it is sitting the way you’d like, and add a jump ring to the top point of the chain that is against the wall.


And now you are done! To hang the shelf on the wall, just go ahead and add two removable sticky hooks to the wall and loop the jump rings onto the hooks! You can also use some picture hanging sticky squares to hold the back of the shelf to the wall for extra support!


Now it’s time to put the whole vanity together! We added some extra flare to some of the items we got from the thrift store. We wrapped some faux leather around the candle holder, stuck a dowel through the bamboo steamer, took the big red frame off of the heart mirror, and added sticky hooks to the basket and the steamer to put them on the wall!


You can, of course, configure the wall in any way you’d like, but this is how ours turned out!


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