Here’s the thing, we’ve been DIYing and been using glue guns for seven years! Through all of that time, we’ve never thought about if our glue gun was the best that it could possibly be. We’ve also kind of always hated the glue gun we do have, so we decided to test a bunch of different ones today!

We are going to be testing these glue guns in five categories - heat time, squeezability, dry time, flow, and cord management! Each glue gun will be rated a score out of five in each category. We did the tests, tallied everything up, and found our winner!

#4: the nemesis - 10 points


Price: $6

Heat time: 6m

Squeezability: 2 / 5. Carries the glue stick instead of pushing it into the tip. Has it’s good days and bad days.

Dry time: 2m 30s

Flow test: 2 / 5. It’s hard to get a good flow when the trigger is hard to squeeze

Cord management: 2 / 5

3. the hometown hero


Price: $13 CAD

Heat time: 1m 30s

Squeezability: 3 / 5. Glue stick was a little loose inside of the gun.

Dry time: 3m 56s

Flow test: 4 / 5. Can get thin or thick lines, but not blown away.

Cord management: 3 / 5. Cord was kind of long, but not overly impressed.

2. the show-off - 16 points

Price: $27 CAD

Heat time: 2m 10s

Squeezability: 5 / 5. Came out super easily.

Dry time: 2m 48s

Flow test: 2 / 5. Kinda clumpy. Can’t get nice thin lines.

Cord management: 5 / 5. No cord, no problem.

1. the underdog - 21 points


Price: $18 CAD

Heat time: 1m   

Squeezability: 4 / 5. Works!

Dry time: 2m 15s

Flow test: 5 / 5 

Cord management: 4 / 5. Has a cord protector AND an on and off switch!


And that’s it! I hope you learned something today! If you want to see our glue gun adventures, check out the video below.

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