A lot of people like to get organized in the new year! We’re here to give you some sweet organization hacks that are inexpensive but work super well to get you organized!



Grab a box of cereal (or any box you have lying around your home) and lay it on it’s side. Start by drawing a diagonal line from the top corner all the way down to about five inches from the bottom of the box. Repeat on the other side and use an exacto knife, or scissors actually worked better for us to cut along that line. Once the box is cut you can use some white contact paper (or any pattern you’d like) to cover your box. You could leave the box white, but we decided to add some cute black lines all over to give it some style. And that’s it! A super affordable way to keep your papers organized.



Do you have a kitchen drawer that looks super messy? Spices, rices, bags and containers all shoved messily into one space, there is a REALLY simple way to make this look like you paid an extra $100 for a built-in drawer organizer. Head to the dollar store and grab some clear plastic containers that will fit in your drawers. Fill those up with your desired spices, rices, seeds, etc and you can even use an embossing label maker to make some labels. These look more uniform than just writing on the container and the label maker is really affordable to buy, check it out here. Add those containers to the drawer and you have visible, organized storage. Your cook/ bake game is going to be so strong!




This is a genius hack if you need some more storage space. You can grab some shelf brackets at IKEA, or pick up something similar at a hardware store. Instead of using them to support a shelf, we’re actually going to flip them upside down and then use some single hanger hooks we got off of amazon (linked here) to hang pants or other accessories on. Most closets have plenty of upper storage, and then a gap at the bottom of the closet. You can use this hack to fill the gap and double your storage without installing a slightly more cumbersome rail.




I feel like something most of the population has in common is the need for shoe storage! So this one isn’t from the dollar store but it is a fairly inexpensive way of getting actually cute shoe storage.


To make our diy shoe rack you’re going to need 1in wood dowels, and a 2x4 at least 8ft long. You’ll also need wood glue and a drill! At the hardware store or on your own with a saw, cut the 1in dowels cut into 6 x 16in pieces and 7 x 20in pieces and the 2x4 into two 4ft pieces. Using some wood glue and claps we attached the 4ft pieces together for a deeper, sturdier base. Once the glue has cured we’re going to measure where we want the dowels to sit. We’re staggering the back and the front row with the 6 short dowels in the front and the 7 taller dowels in the back row.

For the back row, we placed the wooden dowels 1 ¼ inches in from the long edge of the wood base. The back row of 7 dowels are positioned as follows: 3” from the edge of short edge of the wood, 7” apart 7 times, leaving 3” in at the end.

For the front row, go 1 ¼ in from the other side of the long edge of wood. And the row is spaced as follows: 6 dowels, the first one marked 6.5” in from the short edge, the next dowels marked 7” apart creating 5 spaces with another 6.5” left on the other end.

Once all of your dowel holes are marked, take a 1” wood drill bit, and mark it with tape approximately 2.5” deep onto your drill bit. This will help you now know how far your drilling!

As you drill, you will know to stop when the tape reaches the edge of the wood. Drill 2.5” deep holes where you’ve measured and marked where the dowels will go. Once that’s done and the sawdust is gone, line the hole with some wood glue and place in your dowel, paying close attention to which size goes where. After the glue has dried your shoe rack is ready for using! You could always paint the rack if your space doesn’t vibe with the raw look.



Back in the kitchen we’re hacking Dollar store or office supply store wall document holder to be the perfect kitchen storage. Food storage lids are kind of the worst things to organize, in a drawer they hide all of your other important tools, in a cupboard they get lost, and if you put the lid on the container, then you can’t stack the containers!


Anyways.. Using this clear wall document holder and some small removable sticky hooks, this becomes a renter-friendly lid (or really anything) organizer. Just make sure that you’ll be able to shut the door once you’ve installed it.




Okay, I have a love- hate relationship with cork boards. They are so unbelievably useful for clearing off messy desks, tables, and drawers but then sometimes you’re just adding that mess to the wall for the world to see. Get the organization in a concealed space by buying cork board square from the dollar store and using removable sticky hooks to hold the cork board in place on the backside of a cupboard door. I already had these installed and learned that sticky squares on the cork don’t work because the cork is textured and it will leave a gross residue on your surface. It’s actually easiest to place the hooks on the cork, and with the stickiness exposed, press into place on the door. Then if you need to remove you can gently bend and take out the cork. Doing this will create more storage if you don’t already have a corkboard while hiding the mess and keeping any important notes/ documents out of the eyes of guests.

And that’s it! Six amazing organization hacks for a better 2018! Check out the video below and tag us in your instas using the hashtag #SorryGirlsSquad!


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