We are SO excited to be sharing the final dorm makeover of the series with you all! This time we're decorating Sonja and Emily's awesome dorm room. These girls are both super into Rihanna, and so we decided to totally draw from her chic and glam style for this room. We'd also love to emphasize the fireplace, add organization and storage, and bring a cozy feeling to this room. 

Emily and Sonja's dorm makeover - tips: 

Desk and shelf storagE: 


The girls had some pretty good built in storage above their two desks, and a great cork board behind the desk. Functional, but not quite cute or RiRi inspired (or inspired at all). We decided to change these problems by adding baskets to the shelves, switching out some of their binders and labels to match the luxe theme, and stacking their textbooks and personal belongings in a cuter way. We also decided to add some of our own adorable accessories as well as adding this super luxe velvet fabric to the cork board to add some extra style points. On top of one of the cork boards, we added an adorable Rihanna quote that we cut out using our trusty Silhouette machine and some gold sticky paper. If you don't have a Silhouette, feel free to use an Exacto knife and cut our your letters manually (all the power to you!). As an added bonus, we know that doing your makeup in a dorm room can kind of be a nightmare (where is the natural light?!!), so we added this awesome battery powered makeup mirror.  These desks look incredible now!


Finding a statement:

We know that not every dorm room has a fireplace in it, but it's a good idea to find a statement in your room that you can have fun with and emphasize. Whether it's a giant window, or a blank wall, creating a statement really elevates a room and adds style.  


Since we are fortunate enough to have this fireplace in the room, we decided to play with it. We added a massive round mirror (similar to this one), some adorable little plants in super chic pots, and some faux palm leaves to add some interest. We also noticed that the black portion of the fireplace was scuffed and had some pretty noticeable white marks on it. These marks were easily touched up with a black sharpie. Before you do any paint or scuff touch ups in your dorm, always be sure to clear it with your school or RA. We added a cute finishing touch of faux candles to emulate the fire that they're obviously not allowed to set in the fireplace. This added a chic and cozy glow to the room! 


give me light! :

Dorm rooms can be dark. One of the major things that the girls complained about when we checked out the dorm was the super dark entrance to their room. This darkness was also super inconvenient because the closets were right by the doors, making choosing an outfit pretty difficult. We decided to hang some beautiful pendant lamps from the ceiling using removable sticky wall hooks. We then ran the wire neatly along the wall and back behind their beds. We finished the space off with a mirror, a laundry hamper, and a floating frame for some added function. 

The bed sheets : 

A really simple and easy way to completely transform the look of a room is by switching out the bedsheets and adding a TON of pillows and blankets. This makes the room look super cozy and luxe.


diy gallery wall/art:

A great way to make a dorm room feel like home is by added art to the walls. Wall art is SUPER easy to make on your own, even without the most artistic skills. Just take some textured paper and watercolour paint, and get creative! Something as simple as some lines, or your fave quote, can really add a personal touch to your space. Pop them into some inexpensive frames (you can check these ones out herehere and here) and hang them on your wall! We, again, used removable sticky frame hanging strips to pop these on our wall. We also added a totally RiRi inspired quote on either side of the room as a reminder to be a boss lady (werk werk werk werk werk werk.....). 


Layer. those. rugs. 

If you've been following this dorm makeover series, you know that in every room we've ended up layering rugs. Layering two differently patterned rugs had become our new fave design tip. It adds a super cozy vibe while adding interest to the sometimes awful floors of these dorm rooms. We decided to layer one longer, and one shorter rug together. 

And that's it! Our final touches included some plants and a few cute notebooks. 


We are SO sad that this dorm series has come to an end, and we hope you guys loved it as much as we did! Please be sure to check out the video of this makeover below! If you end up trying any of these tips, feel free to send us a photo using the hashtag #SorryGirlsSquad (you might be featured on our Instagram!!!). 

See ya next time!

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