We’ve seen these beautiful rainbow photos all over Instagram and needed to try and recreate it. But how do you bring a rainbow into your house? We’re here to find out.

We’ve done some research online and found a bunch of different ways that people have gotten this to work!



  • Cup of water: Free
  • Dollar store diamonds: $1-2
  • Shiny CD: $2-4
  • Swarovski Crystal: $10-$20
  • Mirror In Water: $0-5
  • Prism $10



  • Water
  • Glass cup
  • CD
  • Swarovski Crystal
  • Small Mirror
  • Bowl
  • Prism

Method #1: A cup of water

Hold the cup of water in front of direct sunlight. This didn’t really work for us. When we placed the cup on a white table we saw a tiny rainbow at the base of the cup, but nothing strong enough to cast on our face.

Method #2: Dollar store ‘diamonds’

These ‘diamonds’ from the dollar store are plastic. We pointed the pointed side of the diamond towards the sun. Again, this made really pretty rainbows on the table but didn’t work to cast a pretty rainbow onto our faces.

Method #3: Shiny CD

We were pretty hopeful that this one would work! I mean, if you look at a CD you see rainbows! We’ve seen this work for a ton of people online but it didn’t seem to work for us. We’ve been told to try using a flashlight or using a CD rather than a DVD, so try this before trying the more expensive methods.

Method #4: Swarovski Crystal $10-$20

We got this crystal at the craft store. Again, we placed this in direct sunlight. The crystal made some beautiful rainbow dots on the table and on our faces (with the right angle), but didn’t show up too well on camera. It also didn’t produce the type of rainbow that we were looking for.

 Method #5: Mirror In Water

A scientist must have come up with this one. This one worked pretty well! It’s definitely a two person job, because the angle of the mirror has to be exact and it took a lot of playing with. The rainbow was pretty subtle and there was a watery wave reflection, but overall it worked pretty well.

Method #6: Prism

We got this online, but you could also find these at a science or school supply store. This method is guaranteed to work, these things are made to split light and create rainbows! This still took some playing around with, but we found that pointing the corner edge into the sun worked best and casted a perfect straight rainbow!

Some closing thoughts:

  • Be careful when working in direct sunlight, it can hurt your eyes! (Don't look directly into the sun)

  • That being said, you need hard direct sunlight to create a good rainbow.

Always be sure to show us your beautiful faces using the hashtag #SorryGirlsSquad! Also check out the video below to watch us (try to) be rainbow scientists!

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