You guys ask us all of the time what we use to DIYs. Today we decided to share a big list of our most basic DIY Ride or Die DIY Essentials!



1. scissors

This one may seem obvious, but it really is super essential. The key is to get two really sharp pairs of scissors. Use one pair of scissors exclusively for fabrics, while the other pair is used for everything else (there's NOTHING worse than cutting fabric with a dull pair of scissors). On that same note, once you have those sharp scissors, keep them sharp! You can get some here. 



2. craft knife

These little guys are great for other projects that you can't cut with scissors. Tiny or detailed work will be a breeze with one of these guys! Don't forget to replace the blade often, this gets hard to use if the blade is dull (and replacing the blade is cheap and easy)! You can get one here. 




3. glue gun

Every DIY queen's secret weapon. These are found everywhere and are the quickest fix to ever DIY problem. Though this is true, they aren't all created equally. Try and buy a glue gun at the craft store, and skip out on the very inexpensive dollar store version. Check out this one!



4. super glue

When the glue gun won't cut it, super glue is the way to go! This stuff sticks to almost everything, and is great for more detailed work. An extra tip: if you get this stuff on your fingers/hands, just soak them in nail polish remover! Check out this super glue!




5. twine

This stuff is the perfect finishing touch or decor piece for any DIY! Have to tie something together? Twine. Want to add a bow to something? Twine. Need to make something look cute and rustic? TWINE! The cutest DIY essential. Check some out here.





6. pliers/wire cutters

This super useful and super inexpensive tool is super helpful! It's perfect for small detailed projects and general wire cutting! Check out a set of them here!




7. Thin sharpie

A good thin sharpie marker is perfect for tasks from marking measurements to creating beautiful script! Check some out here.





8. paint rollers

Try using small paint rollers to paint anything and everything. These are great because they create a streak-free finish in a shorter amount of time. Check some out here!




9. Leather hole punch

This tool is actually the most useful! This tool makes the perfect small holes. Neat holes make every DIY look much more refined. Check some out here!




10. Hacksaw

This handy tool is definitely the start to a more experienced DIYers tool kit. This is great if you're thinking of building any more complex projects. This thing cuts through both wood and metal! Check one out here.




11. AWL

The awl is the most unexpectedly useful tool in our kit. Have a screw that's slipping? Need to make a notebook? Adding details to clay? Making a card? Use an awl! Check one out here!




12. glass cutting tools (glass scorer + glass running pliers)

We find we need to cut glass a lot, and it's a really handy and cool skill to have! Click here to check out a scorer and here for glass running pliers. 



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