Hey friends! If you’re not up to speed, Kelsey and I moved offices from our tiny one room space to a gorgeous hard loft with exposed brick and floor to ceiling windows. AKA: a diy designers dream! We’ve slowly been making over the space and we’re documenting the process in a mini series on our YouTube channel we’re calling “Loft Vibes”.

In this weeks episode, we turn an empty mezzanine into a beautiful boho chic bedroom for Kelsey. We also learned alot about cleaning old grout in our attempts to makeover the bathroom.


This DIY vanity was created with two ikea kitchen drawer units and flat shelving board from the hardware store placed on top.


We decided on a white and natural toned theme to match the wood with a pop of teal to add some fun! The bedding is West Elm and the Pillows + Throw are Home Sense

The Umbra Hub Mirror is our favourite piece in the space. Mirrors do so much for opening up an area and the circular shape is so beautiful above the bed!


We DIY’d these simple lamp shades since we found the exposed bulbs to be a bit too bright. We used some semi translucent scrapbook paper from the craft store and attached it to some thin wire we gently wrapped around the end of the lamp. These night stands are also a DIY. Click HERE to see how we made them!

Since Kelsey is living in the loft as well, we wanted to put up some simple privacy panels to close up the mezzanine. We sewed rectangles out of a white cotton that was thick enough to provide privacy, but thin enough to let the light in and still keep the space feeling open.

We added little loops with thread to each corner and then hooked them onto 3M hooks we stuck in the corners of the railing.


Can we say enough how much we love jute?! Layering rugs is such a fun way to cover a basic floor.

In the bathroom, we removed a bulky, dark, storage unit and replaced it with these gorgeous, minimal, shelves from Umbra.

Pictured: Umbra Stealth Shelf

Since we’re renting and can’t make a lot of permanent changes, these Umbra shower shelves we’re a life saver! The Gel Lock Suction will literally stay up through everything!

Pictured: Flex Gel- Lock Suction Shower Corner Bin

A big thanks to Umbra for providing us with some amazing products to help makeover our space! We’re so in love!

To see where we started, and watch the entire process, check out the video!

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