2016 is the year Kelsey and I decided to really get serious about turning this hobby (YouTube) into a business. Now while that all sounds amazing, it doesn’t happen overnight. The easiest way I’ve found to reach your goals is baby steps. Make small little goals that don’t sound to scary or hard; conquer them one by one and you’ll look up one day and realize you’ve made it! See? That wasn’t so bad. However, one of the best ways to make sure you actually get these things done is through accountability. So together, we put a list of our goals for the year out on the internet for everyone to see. We’ll make a follow up video next New Years to sum up how we did, so stay tuned! What is one thing you promised yourself to accomplish this year? Let us know below!

Becky’s Goals:

1. Read 12 books this year. That’s about one a month!
2. Join a gym (aka take my health seriously!)
3. Learn a new skill that helps keep me active
4. Stay more organized!
5. Develop the relationships in my life (more details about this in the video!)

Kelsey’s Goals:

1. Learn French
2. Foster or adopt a puppy!
3. Visit my family more
4. Cottage more
5. Go ice skating more

Collective Goals:

1. Travel for business reasons
2. Meet Mr. Kate and Jillian Harris
3. Step up our instagram game (@thesorrygirls)
4. Improve our filming style, invest in better lights etc.
5. Start a blog!

To hear us talk about these a little more check out the full video here!

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