We are in LOVE with Miley Cyrus’ new music video for Malibu. When we saw the video, we couldn’t help but notice the totally adorable and totally DIY-able balloon stick she is carrying throughout the video. Of course ya girls (The Sorry Girls) had to DIY it for you!


The first step in making this balloon stick is gathering supplies. We went out into a local forest and found a dead tree to cut the branch off of. Make sure the tree you are using is dead (please don’t kill any trees for this)! If you don’t have access to a branch large enough you can totally use a long wooden dowel or something else long and light enough! We then gathered the balloons. We used eleven white/clear, nine yellow, five dark pink, eight lighter pink, four green, two purple, two orange, and two of this aquamarine/blue colour. We also need some kind of rope, twine, or string to tie the balloons to the stick.

To make sure the balloons sit upright, we need to fill them with helium. We actually discovered that sometimes it’s cheaper (and easier) to buy a helium tank rather than have the store fill them for you (all depending on the amount of balloons you have of course). We bought a helium tank. Next step is to head to the beach!

Once you are on-location, start filling the balloons and attaching them to the stick. In the video, Miley’s stick has more balloons up near the top, and less further down. You can copy hers or go wild and make it your own!

And that’s it, you’re done! All you’ve gotta do next is grab some friends and head to the beach!

If you decide to try this yourself please show us using the hashtag #SorryGirlsSquad! ALSO make sure to check out the YouTube video related to this post below!

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