Today we are trying out a new little series on our channel playfully called "that cost how much?!" (shout out to our vlog viewers who get the joke!). This series is going to challenge us to try and make dupes of more expensive items. We'll try out home decor, fashion, beauty... whatever we find interesting but WAY too expensive. 

Today we are recreating some urban outfitters home decor pieces!

everyone is welcome here - pillow


So! The first thing we are doing is replicating this adorable "everyone is welcome here" embroidered pillow. We needed a few things before tackling this DIY. We headed over to IKEA to find a canvas-ey pillow case and found one there for only $10 (or you can get this similar one off of Amazon)! We took our pillow case home and laid it down on a flat surface. Next we drew out the words "everyone is welcome here" in pencil, as similar to the original as possible. We finished it off by tracing out the letters using an embroidery stitch! You can learn how to do an embroidery stitch here. The yarn cost us $4 (you can find some here). Once we finished stitching we noticed that the stitching was a little uneven, so we went ahead and ironed it to help flatten it out a bit. If you want to make the letters even more refined, we'd recommend using an embroidery hoop! We had an extra pillow insert at the loft, but if you don't have one add an extra $10-ish to the project. In total this project cost us $14 CAD and $11 USD, while the original from Urban cost us $47 CAD, and $38 USD. (Click here to check out some similar pillows from Urban Outfitters. This one is embroidered with "stay home", this one with "over the moon and under the sun", and this one with "feminist". The original is SOLD OUT. So sad).  

neon dinosaur faux succulent planter


The next thing we are going to replicate is this adorable neon dinosaur faux succulent! We've done dino planters in the past, but it turns out plants don't LOVE living in dinosaurs (so we'd def recommend going the faux plant route). We started by heading to the store to find a hollow triceratops toy. We ended up finding one at the thrift store for $3! We took our little pal home and started by cutting a hole at the top of his back (be very careful when using an exacto knife to cut this out!). Next we went ahead and picked up some neon pink and yellow paint. Both paints cost us $3! We went ahead and mixed the two colours to achieve this neon coral colour. Before painting our pal pink, we went ahead and primed with some white paint first. Now that your dino is all bright and painted, go ahead and add fake moss ($3) and a faux succulent ($6). We used a combination of hot glue and super glue to get this to stick! And that's it! We spend a total of $15 CAD and $11.75 USD, while the one on the Urban Outfitters website cost $42 CAD and $39 USD. That's a CRAZY difference. (This guy is actually unavailable on the Urban website right now, but they do have this adorable green dino! Check it out here!). 


iridescent round mirror 


We definitely saved the hardest for last. We found this beautiful iridescent mirror on the Urban Outfitters website that we thought we might be able to recreate. We definitely figured that the iridescent quality of the mirror was made in the process of making the mirror, BUT we decided to try and add a film over the top of a regular mirror to see if we could achieve the same effect. We headed on over to the craft store and picked up a simple round mirror ($8.50) and some iridescent cellophane ($7.00). We first tried to use a thin layer of mod podge to glue the film onto the mirror. After hours of trying to let it dry, it looked like it wouldn't really work (it was definitely time for plan B). We wiped off the glue and decided to tape the clear wrap around the mirror and to the back where nobody would see it. The back of the mirror is definitely not the prettiest thing we've ever seen, but the front of the mirror actually turned out very smooth! The only problem we see is that the effect isn't as strong as we imagined it to be, and so the mirror is a little lack-lustre. This one is a slight fail? But you live and you learn right!? (Check out the real deal on the Urban Outfitters site!).


And that's it! Two successful (and one kinda failed) Urban Outfitters dupes for WAY less money! Doesn't it feel good to save some of your hard earned cash?! If you're more of a visual learner, check out the video below! Also be sure to tag us in your creations using the hashtag #SorryGirlsSquad (you miiight get featured on out Instagram!!).

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