We’re so sad that it’s the end of our loft series: Loft Vibes but we’re so excited to go out with a BANGing party! This party wouldn’t have been possible without Etsy Canada. They heard we were planning to have a big loft warming party and wanted to help us plan it and provide some DOPE décor. The photos you see here were taken by the talented Becca Lemire.


Obviously photos are a huge part of every party and our guests (and me as seen below lol) loved taking Polaroid pics. The felt letter board by Letterboards Canada is giving off all of the right vibes.

We had SO MUCH FOOD at this party including a DIY taco bar!! These bamboo forks and plates by Revelry Party Co are way cuter AND eco friendly than some basic styrofoam or paper plates.

These Sorry and Etsy cookies were so cute (and delicious) and a nice little take away for our guests! We just threw them in an extra round table tray we had! We had cactus printed napkins and cups from Mikas Party Shop and food looks 100x better when it’s displayed on a rustic wood cutting board (from Serenity Stumps).

We didn’t go too crazy with the decor because we didn’t want it to feel too crowded in the space. We also have really tall ceilings so it was important for us to make sure our decor showed that off and that not everything was at eye level. Etsy ordered us these HUGE circular balloons and we DIY’d tassels for the strings to really make them pop. You can check out more of that DIY in the Loft Vibes episode. We also DIY’d a light wall out of doweling, rope and some string lights. This made a gorgeous waterfall of light effect and it accentuated the height of our space!

We had a bar where you could mix your own drinks. We love how this made it feel like a house party! We also had tin buckets with ice for drinks, and Ace Hill beer (they were our beer sponsor for the party!) PS. gold party straws are from Revelry Party Co.

Let’s talk about the star of the show, not us (well maybe us), the light up BAR sign. We put this behind the bar table up on our DIY supplies cabinet and omg we LOVE how it looked. It really screamed party and welcomed everyone to make themselves a drink and have a good time. Check out more light up letters on the Moonrise Letter Lights Etsy shop.

Hope you enjoyed seeing some behind the scenes photos of our party! Make sure you check out the full episode HERE (or below) and the playlist with all 5 episodes of Loft Vibes where we move into and makeover our loft HERE! Thank you so much for the support. We have some exciting things happening this year and can’t wait for you to continue on this journey with us.

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