Another day, another Loft Vibes episode! Last episode we tackled Kelsey’s brand new living room, and today we are going to work on the office + new editing space for our new employee Justin! We’ve felt like we’ve needed more space in the office since we have interns in and out, and have hired Justin! ALSO we've had the incredible opportunity to work with Structube for this episode! They're provided some of the awesome office furniture in this episode, and it'll all be linked under the final room photos! OK let's get into this makeover!  

So, the plan for the main office is to bring it up from underneath the mezzanine and into the open where the old living room used to be! To add some interest and to play with the crazy high ceilings we have in the space, we are going to add a platform/deck situation to this corner of the room! 


Since this is a big build that we want to make sure is super safe for us to work off of, and we don’t have a TON of time until Justin starts working for us, we asked our handyman friend Chris Palmer to come by and help us out! He’s going to make sure our platform is sturdy, and is able to be remove when we move out since this is a rental.


While Chris and his team worked on the platform, we started on the area under the mezzanine! Right now, we have these public-pool looking curtains that we don’t love anymore that covers our lumber and supply storage. The plan is to remove everything from this area, store it all under the platform, and build a solid wall in its place so that we can add some other storage and furniture that Structube sent to us!

Once Chris was finished the deck, we moved on to filling the seams and holes with wood filler, and painting the whole thing a nice crisp white! Once the platform was all painted, it was time to focus on the furniture that goes on top of the platform!


We grabbed the legs from our old dining table, and decided to make a new wooden table top to replace the glass one! We started making this table top by first using a large piece of cardboard to figure out the size and shape of the tabletop.

We cut this template out, and used some extra wood from the platform build to make this table top! After it was build and sanded, we went ahead and stained it using the Minwax Early American stain!

The next morning, we went ahead and attached the legs to the tabletop, used some wood filler to fill the bolt holes, added another coat of stain, and finally used some polycrylic sealant to finish it off!


Once the table was finished we moved onto installing our whiteboard, painting our hardware black before attaching it to the wall! We also built and installed some extra storage on the back wall.


Next we went ahead and hung our gorgeous Structube light, and added our finishing touches to the main office! We love how this space turned out! Totally more functional, and a complete statement for the loft!





Time to move on to Justin’s editing space! We started by clearing out the old cabinets and desk that were there before. Next, we brought in a credenza/storage unit to act as a sort of partition between his office and the front entryway. We added some storage on the back wall (where the lumber used to be), and added a desk, a super comfy chair, some plants, and a brand new iMac setup!



And that’s it! We think these spaces look awesome and will work better for our new team size!

If you liked this post, check out the video below!

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