We are SO excited to be back with another Loft Vibes season! It’s been a year since our last office makeover, where we moved into and styled of loft office, and we think it’s time for a change! We have some new additions to the team, and some changes coming to the company, and we need more space!

One of our biggest problems, and the thing we are going to start with tackling today, is that there isn’t a ton of separation between the living, working, and DIYing spaces in the loft! Today we’re going to start by tackling the living space!

The first step in changing up the living room space is relocating! The living room is now going to live where the dining room was, which is closer to Kelsey’s mezzanine bedroom!


We went ahead and started the space by spray painting the lighting fixture black, adding a rug, and moving the TV over!

We then moved on to building a little credenza/unit to go behind the couch, so that our plants still have access to the sun! We built our credenza to sit flush with the height of the couch with some pine and corner brackets, wood filled all of the holes, and stained it this lovely mid-century modern rich brown colour!


Time to bring in the furniture, some decor pieces from the old living room, and finish up the space!

We started by clearing out the old living room, donating and giving away some of our old living room furniture, and bringing in some brand new pieces from Article! Article was nice enough to send us some beautiful pieces that we think work PERFECTLY in the space, and add some lovely homey and comfy vibes! We ended up picking up the Burrard Sofa, Leap Floor Lamp, and Seno Media Unit! They will all be linked here and below!

After a lot of furniture Tetris and moving around, as well as a few more trips to the furniture and decor stores, we finally have a living room that we are SUPER happy with!




And that’s it for today’s episode! If you want to see more of out makeover, be sure to check out the video below!

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