Hey guys! Welcome back to another episode of Style Selected, a series where we have a room that needs making over, design two plans for that room, and have them select which design they like better.

Today we have this amazing loft-like space that our friends from college have! They just started their own media/film company and they definitely need our design help.

The biggest problems the guys have with the space is lack of good/functional furniture, lack of storage, and an overall lack of professionalism! With all of this in mind, we got to work and designed these rooms!



My plan is to create this really cool eclectic chic room. I’m going to stick with deep reds and wood tones, and replace their desks with salvaged wood plank desks. Continuing with the red theme, I am going to add a giant red rug to cover the flooring. I also think it would be really cool to cover the whole ceiling in edison bulb string lights, to give the space a chilled out porch-ey vibe. As a final statement piece, it would be really cool to find some vintage red movie theatre seats to give seating for their clients.

Sideways Studio Floorplan_Becky.jpg


So, my plan for the room is a little bit more minimalist and black and white. I want to do this really cool DIY to create concrete countertops for their desks, with filing cabinets as the bases. I want to keep the already existing piping and paint it black. I am going to add a kitchenette, and bring in a small couch for their clients to sit on. Finally, i am going to add a projector screen to allow them to showcase their work.

Sideways Studio Floorplan_Kelsey.jpg

In the end, the guys went with Kelsey’s plan and we got to work!

The first thing we had to do was clear out the space, remove all of the shelving on the wall with the window, and tackle the desks!


So, the plan for these desks is to add a faux concrete top! It’s just faux because we’re using existing desk tops and then just spreading the concrete on top, so it’ll look like a tray of concrete as the desk but really it’ll just be like we painted the top with concrete.

First we assembled the desks and sanded the table top to give the concrete something to stick to. We wiped away the dust, and taped off the edges that we didn’t want concrete to get onto.


Our plan was to mix a big batch of concrete, get it on the table, and smooth it down! Through some trial and error, we discovered that a runnier cement is easier to spread over the desk!


Once the cement was hardened, we sanded it, removed the tape, and added a clear sealant to seal everything in place.


Our next project was to hang the projector screen! This ended up being super tricky, because we were drilling into brick. But, what ended up working for us was using a hammer drill, masonry drill bits, and really long screws that are meant for brick.


Next, we brought in a tall table to act as a kitchenette, and installed some piping to act as some kitchen storage! We also reinstalled some of the pipes on the two side walls to act as storage and shelving!


Time for finishing touches! We added some cool strip lights and other cool clamp lamps to add some brightness, and brought in the rest of the furniture and decor!


Time for the big reveal!

the final product


And that's it! If you enjoyed this, watch us in action in the video below!

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