Living Room and Office Makeover!

Welcome back to Loft Vibes, the series where we decorate our 100 year old loft! Today we are working on updating our living room/sitting area.

Since Kelsey doesn’t live in the loft anymore, we can ditch our old closed off living room and open it up to the rest of the loft! Kelsey is going to take the TV to her new place, so now we have room to build more of a work/meeting space instead of the living room. We’re also going to be giving our office area a little bit of an upgrade! Let’s get started!



We started the living room by donating and selling out old furniture, bringing in some furniture that we got from Article. The Article furniture will be linked below!


Time to move on to the office. We took down our white board and decided to cut it in half so that we can have room to mount our monitor on the wall! This will make screening things for the team much easier. We cut the plexiglass in half with a circle saw and added it back to the wall along with the monitor, a small shelf, and a clock to elongate the space.


Something else we decided to do in the office that we LOVE is to add a large mural to the pillar that used to house the gallery wall. We took down the old shelves and used a projector to project a design that Becky drew up in Photoshop on the wall. We traced this design with a pencil, then went back over it with black paint. This was super easy to do and the result is really eye catching. We ended up mounting our playbuttons to this wall!


The final DIY we did in this space was to add some catch-all baskets under the desk! We picked up some wire baskets from Staples and attached them to the bottom of the desk!

We LOVE how these two spaces turned out - check it out!




If you loved this, check out the video below!