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Yes! We are doing last-minute Halloween costume ideas again this year. But, this time with a twist. In our ‘Instagram Halloween Costumes’ video, we asked you guys to leave your suggestions for last minute Halloween costumes. Here’s what you guys came up with…

#1: Avocado Toast


Ahh, avocado toast. The reason that every millennial is going broke right now. But it’s so delicious, right?! All you need to make this is brown and green foam core cut into the shapes of the toast and avocado, and rope to hold it all in place!

#2: Zombie Taylor Swift


The old Taylor Swift… is dead… and I can’t come to the phone… cause i’m dead. For this costume, just replicate any of your favorite old T-Swift moments and then just make yourself dead… with eyeshadow and fake blood.

#3: Fidget Spinner


Be everyone’s fave (?) trend this year… the fidget spinner! To make this, all you need is some colored foam core, silver element protectors, rope, and a cake spinner or a lazy susan. Just cut out your spinner shape, add the element protectors, and stick that all onto your cake spinner! Attach to yourself with a rope, wear all black, and you’re done!

#4: Baby Driver


You guys asked for movie costumes, so here’s one! To be ‘baby’ driver (yeah… literally a baby), all you’ve got to do is wear a driving coat, grab a faux steering wheel, and apply some baby bib, hair, and makeup! Pop on some sunnies and pop in some headphones, and you’re ready to drive. Wait… are you old enough to drive?

#5: Dancing Hotdog Snapchat Filter

Everyone’s fave dancing little pal! All you need to do for this one is wear all brown, and add some red, yellow, and green foam details. Throw on a tan vest to act as the buns, and some headphones! His headphones are green, but you can always cover your own headphones with painters tape if you don’t have green ones.

#6: Attacked Jurassic Park employee


To be an attacked Jurassic Park employee, all you need to do is to print out the Jurassic park logo, and attack yourself with scissors, fake blood, and eyeshadow.

#7: Minnie Mouse Cactus


We combined your requests for a cactus and Minnie/Mickey mouse costumes into one! To make this, all you need is a green sweater, some white pipe cleaners, and cut yourself some Minnie mouse ears! Stick those ears on a headband and you’re ready to go!

#8: ‘Hairy’ Potter


Soo, you guys asked for Harry Potter AND pun costumes.. So we gave you both. Get it? Just wear your hairiest wig and fake beard, and get potting!

#9: Pennywise


Hiya Georgie! We all float down here… To make this easy Pennywise costume, all you need is a blue dress with some added some lace to the sleeves and pom poms to the middle. Top the costume off with that signature Pennywise makeup, some easy pennywise inspired hair, and the red balloon.

And that’s it! Thanks a ton for reading and please tag us in your photos if you try any of these last-minute costumes! Have a safe and happy Halloween!

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