Instagram Controls Our DIYs!

We’ve seen the Instagram controls my life challenge floating around the internet a LOT lately, and thought it was a super fun idea! BUT, you guys know we had to put our DIY twist on it. Today we are doing the Instagram controls my DIY challenge! We went ahead and asked you guys a series of questions on Instagram, and here’s how it turned out!


After lots of questions answered by you guys, Becky ended up making this lovely laundry hamper! Here’s how she did it.

Becky hopped over to the thrift store, and you guys chose for her to make a decor DIY. After some looking around, she found this really cute laundry hamper that could use a bit of an upcycle. Once she had the hamper, she popped over to the fabric store to pick up some new fabric to line the hamper with. You guys chose a light white fabric! Once we got back to the office, Becky asked instagram if she should paint the hamper solid or patterned, and you guys chose patterned. After she painted the pattern, she went ahead and make the fabric bag for the inside of the hamper using the fabric you guys chose. Finally, Becky wanted to finish the hamper with a small pull on the lid. The final decision was leather or cord, and you guys chose leather! Becky went ahead and made a cute little pull out of the leather, and painted on a little design to match the rest of the basket!



Kelsey’s DIY (of course) ended up being plant related! You guys voted, and a cute little plant stand was born.

Here’s how she made it. Kelsey asked you guys if she should head to the hardware store or the fabric store, and you guys chose hardware! Once at the hardware store, Kelsey asked if she should make something for the wall or for the floor. After a suuuper tight race, the floor won! Ok, time to choose some legs. She asked if they should be tall or short, and you guys chose tall! Once we were back in the office, Kelsey asked Instagram if she should paint or stain her DIY and you guys chose paint! Next, she grabbed some MDF that was lying around the office, and cut it into a small circular shape and attached the tall legs that you guys chose! She then went ahead and painted the whole thing black.The final question was straight or angled. You guys chose angled, so Kelsey painted an angled geometric design on the bottom of the pot!


And that’s it! We love how both of these turned out! Thanks to our insta fam for helping us out with this one! If you aren’t following us on Instagram, go do that! (@TheSorryGirls @KelseyMarillis @BeckyyLynne). If you want to watch the process, check out the video below!

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