Today we have a super exciting holiday fashion lookbook for you! But, you know whenever we do fashion we have to throw some DIYs in there as well. 


outfit #1: Lounging at home


outfit details:

You’re comfortable, you’re casual, you’re watching Netflix but… oh no! You’ve just remembered you have a get together with friends to go to. Let’s fix this outfit.

outfit two: chilling with friends


outfit details:

Pull off those leggings, and pull on these awesome DIY fringe jeans!

diy: fringe trimmed jeans

We started with a pair of thrifted/inexpensive jeans. Start by cutting them at the ankle so that they hit mid-calf (but this is totally up to you if you want to cut them or not). Next, pin your trim of choice around the bottom of the jeans. Once pinned the way you want, take your pants to the sewing machine to secure everything in place. When sewing, make sure the ends of the fringe are tucked in to prevent fraying.


Just tuck your sweater into your new DIY fringe pants, pop on some cute booties, and you’re ready for a chill get-together with friends!

outfit three: less chill, more holiday


outfit details:

To dress this outfit up a bit, take off your boots, pull on some cute sparkly socks, and add some fab chunky red heels over top. Next, swap out your cozy turtleneck for this awesome DIY wrap t-shirt!

DIY: Wrapped t-shirt

Start this DIY with an inexpensive long t-shirt. Put the shirt on and figure out where you’d like the shirt to end once it’s finished. Pin at this place. Take the shirt off and make a cut a few inches in at your first pin, then curve downwards towards the bottom of the shirt. Our goal here is to make two long handing pieces. Fold your shirt in half and repeat on the other side. Cut straight across the back of the shirt. Cut out a skinny U shape out of the front of the shirt. Next, put on the t-shirt and wrap your two hanging pieces across one another and pin at the seam when you have the pieces in place! Use a few hand stitches to hold them in place. To clean up the bottom edge, fold over and sew all the way around.


outfit four: Getting fancy


outfit details:

To take this outfit to the next level, pull off your jeans and slip on a glittery/amazing slip dress overtop your brand new DIYed t-shirt. Slip on your red pumps without the socks, and add some tassel inspired silver earrings!


outfit #1: The most chill

outfit details:

You’ve reached ultimate chill, but your friend texts you and reminds you of the get-together tonight. Ugh. Let’s pull an outfit together!

outfit two: relaxed fancy


outfit details:

Start by pulling off your leggings, and pulling on these gorgeous red silky overalls overtop your turtleneck. We paired these with little black booties (DIY totally coming later) and finished off the look with these lovely front facing hoop earrings. Overalls have never looked so festive and chic!!

outfit three: make a statement!

outfit details:

Start by taking everything off except for our gorgeous DIYed statement booties.

Diy: statement booties


Go ahead and grab a pair of thrifted or inexpensive black chunky boots. Start by folding a piece of paper over the heel and create a template. Take a bunch of faux gems from the craft store and lay them out on your template. Once your template is finished, make sure you have enough faux gems for the other heel. Once the design is finished, start gluing on the gems with super glue!

Finish off this look with some black tights and a green velvet dress. We topped this dress with an amazing DIYed faux fur vest!

DIY - faux fur vest


To make this vest, print out our template that you can find here. Tape all of the pieces together and cut the whole shape out (including the grey lines).

For the fabric, we purchased ¾ of a yard of faux fur. Fold your fabric in half and lay the grey side of the template along the folded side. Brush your fur away from the edges of the template and cut through both of the folded layers with fabric scissors.

Next, go back to your pattern and cut off all of the areas outlined with the grey line. Lay your fabric flat and unfolded, pin the template down, and cut out this shape. Again, be sure to brush the fur away from the edges of the template to ensure a clean cut. The fur should be laying towards the bottom of the template. Flip your template over and cut another piece of fur out of this template (this piece should be a mirrored copy of the last piece.

A great tip for cutting fur is to vacuum the edges to prevent shedding. Place your pieces down and pin the two side pieces to the middle back piece. Sew all the way up to the arm hole, and then again at the shoulders. If you’re washing this, be sure to hand wash and air dry!

outfit four: the fanciest


outfit details:

We’re getting rid of our faux fur vest, stockings, and booties. We’re replacing the booties with these amazing sparkly heels, and popping on a glittery choker and festive red lip. To finish off the look, we’re adding a full tulle skirt right overtop our green wrap dress.

And that’s it! Tons of great ideas with some amazing DIYs thrown in. If you try out anything in this post, send us a pic with the hashtag #SorryGirlsSquad. Also check out the dope look book we put together below!

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