You guys love them and we love making them; today we are doing another room makeover! We are extra excited to be decorating Becky’s guest bedroom! This room is obviously going to be filled with lots of DIYs, which will, of course, be linked throughout the blog post.

Here is the room before we got started with it. It’s super bright and clean, but obviously needs some serious TLC.


After we did some shopping, the first thing we decided to make was a new bed frame! We bought a 4” x 8” sheet of light knotty wood and got it cut into four 1” x 8” strips. When we got home, we arranged the pieces around our box spring and marked where our pieces of wood needed to be trimmed. We then trimmed the pieces and attached them together using some simple L brackets. We used two on each corner.


Next, we placed a carpet under the frame before things got too heavy. Insert your box spring and mattress, and you’re done!


The next thing we tackled was the closet doors. Our biggest beef with them is that they were peeling and didn't add anything special to the room. To cover the peeling, we decided to wallpaper them! The wallpaper that we got was from Home Depot, but you can find a similar one here on Amazon. We bought some wallpaper glue, and applied using a paintbrush following package instructions! We love how these closet doors turned out, they add a statement wall to an otherwise clean and blank room.


Next we hung our amazing DIY hanging side table, that you can learn how to make here. We found a stud in the ceiling and drilled a hole. The studs in Becky’s ceiling are about 16 inches out from the wall. We drilled a hole into the ceiling and inserted a screw hook. We hung our hanging side table, adjusting rope as needed to level out the table.


Time to finish off the room! We hung our custom country shelf, arranged our DIY makeover desk, hung our round mirror, placed our floor lamp and candles! It’s super nice to also leave some overnight essentials and fresh towels for your guests.


And we're done! We love love love how this room turned out, and we hope you guys do too! Please check out the video for this post below and show us your incredible bedroom makeovers with the hashtag #SorryGirlsSquad!