Fancy Room Makeover with Gabi Demartino

We are so excited to be decorating Gabi Demartino’s brand new filming bedroom! The plan is to create a pink paradise with an edge. Let’s get started!


Nikki and Gabi-4.jpg
Nikki and Gabi-5.jpg
Nikki and Gabi-7.jpg

DIY Tufted headboard

We decided to make Gabi a DIY tufted headboard that is going to look super luxe in her new bedroom! To see how we made a similar headboard, click here! As an added tip to make tufting super easy, we used very long screws with washers on one end. Simply mark where you’d like the tufts to be, and add the long screws to create the tuft! The washer will stop the foam from pushing up past the top of the screw. To cover up the washers, use hot glue to add pretty pink buttons!

Nikki and Gabi-20.jpg
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