Welcome back to style selected! If you didn’t know, this is our series where we each come up with a plan to redecorate someone’s space, and they have to choose which one they want! In our last episode, we redecorated Adelaine Morin’s childhood Toronto bedroom. It was SO much fun that we decided to come back and redecorate her studio space as well!

This studio space in her childhood home is VERY full of PR packages and filming equipment, and is a little dark and neutral for Adelaine’s aesthetic. But we’re totally here to help.


Adelaine’s biggest gripe with her studio is the colours, lack of filming space, and the disorganization of her stuff.


Let’s get into our plans.


Becky's Studio Plans.jpg

OK! My plan is to move her filming setup a little more center in the room. A giant area rug, a desk, and a chair in front of the backdrops will act as a perfect setup to film her gorgeous makeup tutorials! Next, she has this great bay window that I’m going to add a super cozy faux fur rug, giant cozy chairs, an ottoman for added storage, and a side table to act as a little chill hangout spot (also PERFECT for vlogging). On the far end of the room, I am going to take her IKEA Kallax shelving unit and flip it on it’s side. I’m planning on to turning it into a gorgeous mid-century modern storage unit (just like the one we’ve DIYed before, linked here!). Times that unit by two, and she’s got plenty of storage for all of her things! On the wall across from her backdrops, i’d love to give her a giant blackboard wall! It would be perfect for planning and organizing her videos and life! Finally, I want to give Blue the pup her own little spot in the corner of the room, complete with some hooks for her things and a cute and cozy doggy bed.


kelsey studio plan for video edit.jpg

For my plan, I’m going to keep Adelaine’s backdrop where it is and add a super chill sitting area off to the side. I’m adding some storage, a coffee table, and a SUPER fun coloured couch to contrast against the bright yellow walls! On the wall that her couch is currently located, I’m planning to add a HUGE storage unit/credenza to store all of her PR packages and other goodies. Finally, in her bay window, I want to add this built in bay window desk painted in colourful rainbow tones. The plan is a little bit boho but also still chic.

She had a tough time choosing, but she ultimately went with Becky’s studio design! Now, it’s time to get to work!

The first thing to get done in the space is to get organized! Adelaine decided what needed to be in the room, and what could be taken out. We also went ahead and pushed all of the furniture into the middle of the room to get it ready for a few coats of bright yellow paint!


While the painter got to work in the room, we went home and got shopping and DIYing!

We went ahead and painted some dollar store crates white, painted some thrifted frames gold for the gallery wall, and upcycled the KALLAX shelf she already had plus made her a new one (click her to find out how we did it!).


Next, we got handyman Chris Palmer to help us out with installing some amazing french doors!

We went ahead and attached her makeup storage unit to the back wall.


Next, we started painting the chalkboard wall, but we needed some help from Adelaine to choose what type of border to put around the chalkboard paint. We asked her to choose a detailed and ornate, or simple and minimal design. She chose a minimal design and we got to work painting that on! We think it turned out super cool and sleek.


It’s finally time to bring the rest of the furniture in and add some finishing touches!

This is what the room ended up looking like!


Items shown: white desk, desk stool,


Items show: DIY KALLAX shelf, KALLAX shelf (similar)

We LOVED how this turned out and we think she loved it too! If you decide to add some Adelaine to your room, tag us in your photos using the hashtag #SorryGirlsSquad! Also be sure to check out the video below and watch us transform her studio!!

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