90's to 2019 Bathroom Makeover!

This blog post is sponsored by GREAT STUFF Insulating Foam Sealant.

Sooo, here at The Sorry Girls we pride ourselves on being a business that loves aesthetics BUT recently we discovered that one of our employees was living with a bathroom straight out of the 90s. Claire, our assistant, showed us pictures of her bathroom and well… we’ll let you see.


So today we’re going to take you through the journey of making over Claire’s bathroom! Before we get started with painting this awful green paint a lovely greige colour, we need to fill this hole in the ceiling where this pipe is.


Leaving this hole as is is not ideal, because it can let in unwanted air or moisture + can increase her energy bill! That’s why we’re going to grab our GREAT STUFF insulating foam sealant (we’re using the gaps and cracks variety) to easily fill up the hole. You can click here to check them out!

step 1: wear protective eye glasses, cover any exposed skin, and put on gloves


step 2: Wipe down the area with a microfiber cloth


step 3: shake the can for 60 seconds with the lid still on


step 4: Twist on the new smart dispenser

The new smart dispenser makes GREAT STUFF super easy to use, gives you greater control, reduces mess, and the best part is that the smart dispenser is reusable for up to 30 days!


step 5: press down on the trigger and move around the gap

If you find the product went anywhere where you didn’t want it to, you can simply wipe it away with a cloth and some acetone!


step 6: wait 10-15 minutes for the product to cure and become tack free


step 7: use a serraTed knife to cut away any extra foam

The foam expands a ton to seal and completely fill the gap we had before, but it’s super easy to cut away the extra foam to make it flush with the ceiling.

step 8: cover with a cap or paint over for a more finished look (*Optional)

We finished off the bathroom by painting the walls and pipes a lovely greige colour, hung up art, and added decor! It looks amazing!


We are so happy with how everything turned out! Another huge thanks to GREAT STUFF for helping us out with this amazing makeover! Check out the video below to see a step by step guide on how to use the product and how we did the makeover! Thanks for reading!

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