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We’ve seen this speckled pottery/ceramics trend floating around that we’re really interested in! When we think of speckled stuff, we think of really cool vintage pieces (or stuff our parents might have hanging out around the house). BUT we think it’s actually a really pretty and modern look that totally translates to the trends of now. We’re going to try three different methods and get speckling!




  • Mug

  • Grey or black Acrylic ceramic-friendly paint


  • Toothbrush

For this speckled DIY, we are going to be using this dollar store mug with this lovely shape, and we are going to speckle it using a toothbrush and some black acrylic ceramic-friendly paint!


After some trial and error, we found that wetting the toothbrush first, dipping the brush in paint, and then flicking of a little bit of the excess before moving on to your mug was the best way to get the perfect speckled look.


After we were satisfied with the amount of tiny dots we got on our mug, we wanted a few bigger dots. We went ahead and added these just using a thin paintbrush and added some bigger dots.


Since this is a ceramic paint, we just went ahead and followed the instructions on the back of the paint bottle and baked our mug to seal in the paint.





  • Modelling clay

  • Crushed pepper


  • Rolling pin

  • A bowl

So we’ve seen this method of making speckled pottery online, where you use crushed peppercorns inside of clay to create a speckled effect. We started with some modelling clay from the dollarstore. We rolled it flat and crushed some pepper onto the top of our clay. We went ahead and used a rolling pin to roll the pepper into the clay, flipped the clay over and repeated on the other side.


We’re actually super impressed with how this turned out! The peppercorn helped make the perfect speckled effect in the clay, the perfect vintage stone pottery effect. We went ahead and used something circular to cut out the shape of our bowl, and then placed the clay into another bowl to form the shape of a small ‘catch-all’ bowl. We went ahead and baked this bowl inside of the larger bowl according to they clay’s instructions.


After it was done baking, we just added a glossy top coat to seal everything up and add some shine.


We love how this guy turned out! We’d pay big bucks for this at a super hip artisan market.





  • Flower pot

  • Stone textured finish spray paint


  • Painter’s tape

Our final method today is the spray paint method! For this last method, we are going to make a really cute plant holder out of this sugar/flower pot we found at the thrift store. Any white pot you have lying around will do for this project. We also went ahead and picked up a stone finish spray paint. We love the different speckled colours as well as the texture of this spray paint. Before taking this guy to the spray paint tent, we taped off the top third of the pot to create this cool colour blocking effect. Time to spray paint!


Place your item pretty far away from the nozzle of the spray paint can, and lightly tap the nozzle to gently spray colour onto your ceramic. Try and spray it so that you can still see most of the white ceramic behind the stone spray paint.  


To hang the pot, we picked up some cord from the dollar store. To do this, we took two long pieces of the cord and folded them in half. We tied the four loose ends together in a big knot. Next, we marked, with a sharpie, where the middle of the looped ends was. This is where our pot is going to sit. Turn the pot upside down, and glue the marked section of the cord to the bottom of the pot. Continue to glue the cord up the side of the pot to secure.


And you’re done! Add a plant, hang it up, and enjoy!


If you make any of the DIYs in this video, send us a picture using the hashtag #SorryGirlsSquad! Also be sure to check out the video below for more fun!

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