Wood Bracket Wall Sconce!

Wall sconces can get super pricey, especially considering you usually need to buy two of them! We’re here to help.

We’ve seen this super trendy style floating around Pinterest, and we’ve decided to DIY it today!






  • Drill

  • Wood drill bit

  • Hacksaw

  • Sandpaper

To make this wall sconce, you’ll only need three materials! The IKEA EKBY wall bracket, a light cord, and an edison bulb. Time to start with the IKEA EKBY. The EKBY already has a hole in the top of the bracket, and so we are going to use that to thread our cord through and make the sconce! The hole already on the EKBY is a little too small, so we went ahead and used a wood drill bit to make the hole a bit longer. Next, we cut a notch into the drilled hole from the front using a hacksaw. Go ahead and sand to smooth. This notch will allow us to push the cord through and into place inside of the drilled hole.

The final step is to wrap the remaining cord around the EKBY wall bracket in whichever way you’d like! Just make sure that the cord ends up running down the back of the bracket so that it can be plugged into the wall later.

And that’s it! Hang it on the wall using the holes that already exist in the bracket, and add a decorative edison bulb!

Check out the video below for more sconces! If you make any of these sconces, be sure to tag us using the hashtag #SorryGirlsSquad! 


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