We are super excited to be making some more wedding DIY’s for Becky’s wedding (eeeeeek!). We scoured the thrift store for some items that we could make into some beautiful decor for the wedding. We ended up finding a massive frame, a smaller and cheaper picture frame, an old candle holder, and a bunch of fake flowers!  

COST: $40-$50


Card holder:  ✂

Seating chart:  ✂



  • Old candle holder
  • Fake plant/flowers
  • Large frame
  • Smaller frame (optional for replacing missing glass)
  • Spray paint
  • Twine
  • Craft paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Pencil
  • White paint
  •  Hot glue



  • Pliers
  • Sandpaper
  • Small paint brush
  • Hot glue gun

Envelope Box:

The first step in making our envelope box was to cut a slot for the envelopes to fall through. We decided the safest and easiest place to cut this slot would be across the ventilation grate at the top of the box. We cut the grate with plyers and folded them under to tuck away any sharp edges. As we bended the grate back, the paint on the box began to chip. To fix this, we sanded the area around the grate and spray painted it white. While the paint dried, we cut out a new piece of glass to replace the missing one. Trace the size of the glass and cut. To learn how to cut glass, refer to our Glass Terrarium DIY <link>. Next we slid the glass panels back into the box. To finish off the box, we took some of our fake flowers from the thrift store and arranged them on the top of the box with a bit of twine and you’re done!

Seating Chart:

We started by removing the picture that was currently in the frame. Next, we painted the frame white to match the rest of the theme. While the paint dried, we decided to repurpose the backing of the frame and use it as the base of the seating chart. We wrapped the backing in brown craft paper, using glue to hold it in place. Next we are going to draw out the wedding’s table arrangement and write out the names of our guests onto the paper, this will of course vary wedding to wedding. We also decided to write out ‘find your seat’ at the top of the seating chart, this can also be customized to whatever you’d like. An easy way to draw great script font is to find a font you like online and reference it while you are drawing! Now that the frame is dry, we are going to simply pop the seating chart back into the frame. Finally, we took the flowers that we got from the thrift store and arranged them around the frame, using hot glue to stick them in place.

And you're done! Aren't they just beautiful!? As always, we'd love it if you guys showed us your lovely creations using the hashtag #SorryGirlsSquad. Also, check out the video below for full instructions!

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