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For today, we’ve been seeing some pretty cool reversible sequins around the internet lately. We decided that we’d try to make our own DIY reversible sequins, but we got side-tracked when we found this BEAUTIFUL mermaid reversible sequin fabric and HAD to make something out of it. (I mean… look at it!).


We brought the fabric home and decided to make this really cute DIY sequin makeup/anything bag! Here’s how to make it…


  • Black silky fabric

  • Reversible sequin fabric

  • Zipper


  • Fabric scissors

  • Sewing machine

Go ahead and cut two squares, the desired size of the bag, out of both the sequin and silky fabric. The two silky pieces would be the inside lining pieces while the sequin pieces will be the outside pieces. Go ahead and lay your inside lining piece, good side facing up. Place the bottom edge of your zipper on the top edge of this fabric, and then place the top edge of your sequin fabric on top of the bottom edge of the zipper (good side facing down!). Go ahead and sew along the bottom edge of the zipper. Flip the sewn piece over and repeat on the other edge of the zipper. Again, place the silky fabric with the good side facing up on the table. Place the bottom edge of the zipper on the top edge of the fabric, and place the top edge of the sequin fabric on top of the bottom edge of the sipper (good side facing down) and sew together!

Next, you’ll need to unzip your zipper for this next step. Go ahead and lie your fabric down so that the two silky lining pieces and the two sequin pieces are against each other on opposite sides, good sides facing together. Next, sew all the way around the outer edge of the bag, leaving a small gap on the silky lining side of the bag, Once sewn, go ahead and flip the bag inside out. Finish it off by sewing up the hole and sticking the lining of the bag through the zipper, and sip it closed!

Sequin Instructions.jpg

And that's it! Check out how BEAUTIFUL this bag turned out!


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Check out the video below to come along with us on our adventure for the sequins, and if you make this bag tag us in your photos on Insta with the hashtag #SorryGirlsSquad! Thanks for reading!  

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