Triangle String Light Wall Sconce!

Sconces are SUPER trendy, but also super expensive. But we're here to help! Today we're making this awesome DIY triangle wall sconce. 





  • Pencil

  • Ruler

  • Circular saw

  • Power sander

  • Wood glue

Start by picking up three pieces of wood. When choosing your wood there are a couple of rules. Be sure to pick a wood that is not too heavy, such as a pine. Also be sure that two of the pieces of wood combined are thicker than the battery pack of the string lights you are using. We ended up picking up three pieces of pine.

Start by grabbing one piece of the wood, and trace out whatever shape you’d like. We decided to go for a triangle that has three 10 inch sides. Next, draw out a smaller triangle on another piece of wood. This piece will sit just behind the bigger piece and will hold the string lights. Our triangle ended up having three 8.5 inch sides. The final piece of wood is going to be a small rectangle that can fit inside of the smaller triangle.

Once all of these shapes are measured out, we went ahead and cut them out using a circular saw. Once cut, go ahead and sand these pieces down.


The next step is to attach all of these pieces together. Go ahead and stack all three of the pieces, biggest to smallest, adding wood glue to each piece as you stack. Use a clamp to hold everything in place while it dries.

Once everything is dry, grab the battery pack of the string lights and attach it to the back of the triangle, just below the rectangular piece of wood. We used some 3M sticky velcro strips. Once attached, go ahead and wrap the lights around the smaller triangle. Be sure to wrap the end of the string lights around the other string to hold it in place. To hang on the wall, we inserted a 3M hook into the wood. To drill a diagonal hole into the wood, start by drilling a bit into the wood and then turn your drill at a sharp angle and drill further. This should create a diagonal hole that your hook can easily slip inside of.

And that’s it! Attach it to the wall and turn it on! Be sure to check out the video below for more DIY wall sconces! If you decide to make any of these sconces, tag us on Instagram using the hashtag #SorryGirlsSquad! 

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