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Today we are super excited to be revisiting the ladder! Keep reading to learn how to make and style a ladder in a bunch of different ways!

Difficulty: ✂ ✂


- Two 2x3 pieces of wood that are 8 ft long

- Two 1 inch wooden dowels that are 4 ft long

- Long nails (optional)


- Pencil

- Circle Saw or hacksaw

- Drill

- One inch wood drill bit

- Electric or sand paper

- Wood glue

- Hammer


Lay out your two 8ft long pieces of wood, and make a mark 18 inches down the piece of wood. After that, consecutively mark off points that are 12 inches long. Keep marking until you reach the bottom of the wood. You should be left with an 18 inch section on the top and bottom of the wood, with 12 inch sections in the middle. Repeat on the other piece of wood. These marks will be where your ladder rungs will be.

Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 10.52.25 AM.png

Next, take your wooden dowels and cut them into 16 inch long pieces. You should be left with six pieces of dowel.

Next, take a one inch wood drill bit and drill holes at each of the marked points on the 8ft pieces of wood. Drill about halfway through the piece of wood. To help regulate the depth of the holes, mark how deep you want your drill bit to go with a piece of tape on the drill bit. Once the tape is flush with the wood, stop drilling!  

Next, sand the wood to create a smooth surface. You can use an electric sander or sand by hand.

Finally, let’s assemble it! We started by putting some regular wood glue into each of the holes. Next, stick each dowel into one of the long pieces of wood. Finally, add wood glue to the second long piece of wood and sandwich it into the other side of your ladder. The key to keeping this ladder sturdy is to make sure it stays tight together while drying. We ensured this happened by adding tape around the ladder while it was drying. Since we are actually using this ladder to climb, we went ahead and added some long nails through the sides of the wood and into the dowels to add stability.

Safety note: This ladder is NOT safety rated. This means that, though we may choose to use it, we are NOT recommending you build this ladder and use it too. If you are using this for decor purposes only, you can totally skip the nails and stick to the wood glue!

Styling the ladders:

We’ve made a blanket ladder in the past, and we’ll be using this one to style as well. You can learn how to make it here!

Blanket Ladder:


This is the most obvious way to style a ladder, the blanket ladder! Start by choosing your fave cozy blankets and drape them over each of the ladder rungs for quick access to coziness!

kitchen herb garden:

In your kitchen, you can use a ladder to create an herb garden! We potted our herbs into this awesome IKEA hanging planter. Next, we hung the planter onto the ladder!

Kitchen pot hanger:

Also in your kitchen, you can hand your pots on a ladder! We got these super handy s-hooks and hung them onto the various ladder rungs. Next, just hang your pots! The perfect way to cut down on pot storage in your cupboards!


Bathroom supplies:

In the bathroom, you can hang these awesome hanging organizers as storage for your toothbrushes and various bathroom tools. You can also use the ladder rungs to hang your towels!

light it up:

If you have a dark corner in your home, try hanging these awesome cord lights on the ladder and add some edison bulbs! This gives your home a great lofty vibe while also adding light without having to hang lights!

plant ladder:

Use those awesome s-hooks again to hang these lovely hanging pots on your ladder!

laundry ladder:


Try using your ladder as a drying rack for your clothes! You can also use it as an alternative for a closet if you want to style some of your fave pieces and put them on display!


photo ladder:

Just add c-hooks to your picture frames and your ladder to hang your favourite pictures on the ladder! (Also, look out for next week’s video on what to put in your frames!!).


Thanks a ton for reading! Check out the video below and if you make any of these ladder DIYs, tag us using the hashtag #SorryGirlsSquad!

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