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Hey guys! Welcome to another installment of “That Cost How Much?!”. This is our series where we pick up some items from a store that we think cost waaay too much, and try and recreate them for cheaper. There was a crazy overwhelming response on our last “That Cost How Much?!” to pick up and DIY some items from Anthropologie, so that’s what we did!



Original price: $68 USD

So, when we saw the price of this cake stand, we totally thought we would be able to DIY it for waay cheaper. We started by heading to the thrift store. We went there looking for a gold plate and a small wicker basket. The thrift store was kind of letting us down the day we went, so we opted for this black plastic plate, and a wicker basket that was a little bit bigger than we wanted (but we’re The Sorry Girls, we’re gonna make it work).


When we got back to the office, we started by painting our basket more of a tan ‘wicker-ey’ colour, and the edges of the basket with this looovely gold colour. We also went ahead and spray-painted our plate gold.


The final step was to attach the plate to the basket, we decided to use our brand new ride-or-dye glue gun (check out our glue gun testing blog post here) and attach!

This was SUPER easy to put together, and only cost us $3 USD to make. It’s not a PERFECT dupe, but it’s SO much cheaper and so we think it’s a total win.


fringey notebook


Original price: $38

We found this amazing notebook on the Anthro website, but we think $38 for a notebook that you’re going to use once and never use again is pretty steep. We also noticed that the notebook on the Anthro website was made from real suede, and so we wanted to make a vegan version!

We headed to the dollar store to find a notebook for our base! It totally helps to find a notebook with a harder cardboard cover, and we also wanted a notebook that was blank with no lines. Next we went off to the fabric store and picked up some purple fabric that was not faux suede, but feels similar and was the PERFECT colour match - so we went for it.


Alright, back at the office! We started by gluing the fabric onto the notebook and trimming off the excess, leaving about a 4-5 inch flap near the open end of the notebook to act as our closure later on. Next, we took a piece of scrap cardboard and but it to the size of the flap closure we wanted. We glued the fabric around the cardboard in the position we wanted it.


Next to tackle this gorgeous giant gold bead. We took some gold clay, shaped it into this half moon shape (carving a shallow hole along the back for later), and baked it according to package instructions.


Once it was baked, we didn’t LOVE the colour it turned out as, and so we spray painted it with sme rose gold spray paint to add some shine. To create the leather strap that holds the journal closed, we grabbed this scrap faux leather we had lying around the office, cut it into long strips, and weaved it in and out of the journal, and looped it around the front.

The last step is to complete and attach the bead! To finish the bead, we added these little fringes using some white shiny embroidery thread. We wrapped the thread around four fingers, and trimmed to create fringes. We then went ahead and glued them to the back of the bead, and then the bead to the front of the notebook.


And that’s it! We’re actually super impressed with this recreation, and it only cost us $11.50 USD to make!


Original price: $88 USD

The final item we picked up from Anthro was this amazing carved wooden bowl. We didn’t think we could carve actual wood, so we decided to try and figure out a different way to get the same look.

We headed back to the thrift store to see if we could find something the shape and size of this bowl to work with. We actually ended up finding this wooden ice bucket that we thought might work.


Back at the office, we started by cutting the ice bucket shorter to match the height of the original planter. We did this using a hand saw. After we did that, we sanded down any rough edges. Next, we painted the bowl white.


Next, we took a pencil and lightly sketched out the carved design of the anthro bowl. We then went around the bowl, sanding down the paint where we made our design with the pencil. After some sanding, we’re looking pretty cute!

This planter only cost us $7.75 USD. How do you think it holds up?!


And that’s it! We LOVE this series so much, but we need help deciding which store to choose next! Tweet us (@thesorrygirls) with what store you’d like to see next. If you try any of these DIYs, be sure to send us a photo using the hashtag #SorryGirlsSquad. Aaaalso be sure to check out the video below. See you next time!

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