Today is the first day of DIY gift week! This week we will be sharing five super easy, super DIY-able gifts for you to try this holiday season!

Today we are making these super cozy and super easy custom holiday sweaters! They’re perfect from anybody in your life because you can choose whatever word or phrase you want to embroider.


The first step is to find a sweater to embroider. If your gift receiver is ok/into thrifting and recycling clothes, then go ahead and pick one up at the thrift store. You can also purchase a brand new sweater if you prefer.

Next, figure out what you want to put on your sweater! Pick something that relates to your human. We recommend choosing a single word rather than a phrase, just to make the embroidery process move along a little quicker.

Grab your sweater and lay it flat. With your word in mind, use some pins to mark off the spacing of where you want your word to go. Next with your chunky yarn and thick needle, we are going to start making a chain stitch.



Start by threading your chunky yarn through the thick needle, and tying a knot at the end big enough so that it doesn’t pass through the sweater. Start at the beginning of your first letter. Pull your needle through the sweater from the bottom coming up, and pass it back through  the sweater right next to the first hole (this will create a stitch). Next, come back up through the sweater a slightly larger distance away, and take your needle and pass it sideways through the loop of the first stitch you made. Next, pass your needle back through the hole that was made when you came up from the bottom. Repeat that again! Come up through the sweater a small distance away, pass the needle through the stitch sideways, and come back through the hole you came up from.

Our biggest tip for this is practice makes perfect. If you don’t like the way that this looks, you can always cut the yarn and start again. Make sure to tie off any letters that you are happy with, so that you can preserve them if you need to fix any of the other letters. Feel free to use a template to help you out with spacing out and creating the letters!

Again, every time you finish a letter simply tie it off with a knot at the back of the sweater! And you’re done! We LOVE how easy and customizable this sweater is!  


If you decide to make this DIY, please tag us in your photos using the hashtag #SorryGirlsSquad. Also be sure to check out the video below for more!

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