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Today is the start of plant week! If you guys didn’t know, sometimes we do themed weeks such as wedding or guy DIYs, and this week we are releasing videos and posts all about plants!

Today we are going to be making some plant pots and holders for your little green pals.



This first DIY is kind of a faux macrame hanging plant holder. We say faux because it isn’t really real macrame, but it gives the same effect!


  • Plastic pot

  • Macrame rope

  • ‘D’ ring

  • Thin cord in the colours of your choice.

  • Thin wire


  • Hot glue

  • Scissors


We started this DIY by picking up a pot. We decided to go with plastic since it is lighter than other materials! Also be sure to pick up a pot that is big enough for whatever plant you’re looking to put inside! We want this to be as light as possible since our plants will be hanging from the ceiling.

Next, grab some macrame rope and a ‘D’ ring. Ok! Time to cut the rope. The general idea is to cut four pieces of rope that are double the length you want your hanging planter to be. For example, we wanted our hanging planter to be 5 feet long, so we went ahead and cut four 10 foot long pieces of rope!


Next, gather all four of your rope pieces and fold them in half, and slide the D ring into this folded middle part. To secure our D ring to the middle of the folded rope (which is not the top of our hanger, we used some wire and our thin cord. Start by wrapping the rope underneath the D ring with some thin wire. This will ensure the rope stays in place and does not slip. Next, to cover up the wire and make this look polished, we are going to wrap over the wire with the cord of our choice! Use a little bit of hot glue to hold your cord in place, and wrap until everything feels secure and your wire is covered.


Moving on to the bottom of the rope, go ahead and decide where you would like the bottom of your pot to sit. We decided that we wanted it to sit about a foot from the end of the rope, so we laid our rope flat on the table and marked a foot up the rope. At our mark, we then repeated the rope and cord steps from above to secure the bottom of the hanging planter!


Next it’s time to add our pot. Since this isn’t a traditional macrame, for extra security we are going to glue the rope to the sides of the pot to ensure nothing slips! To do this, flip your pot upside down, and find the middle of your pot. Next, go ahead and begin gluing the rope to the sides of the pot. You can use some tape to hold everything in place while it’s drying! Follow your glue’s directions and allow it to fully dry! Next, pot your plant, hang, and enjoy!





  • Tomato plant growing aid/trestle

  • Primer spray paint

  • Black spray paint

  • Pot of your choice


  • Wire cutters

Next, we’re going to make a super easy plant stand out of something that costs literally three dollars. We’ve got this great tomato plant growing aid (trestle?) that we’re going to hack into something super cool and super chic.


We started by snipping of the top long ends of the stand, as we don’t need them! Next, find a pot that fits into the top circle of the trestle. Make sure the pot has a bit of an angle to it so that it doesn’t slip through the circle.

And really, the final step of this DIY is to prime and paint the trestle and add your plant!




  • 6 foot 1x5 piece of pine wood

  • Small pot


  • Drill

  • Large circle drill bit

  • Electric sander

  • Circular saw

This final DIY is a great way to get more plants in your space without taking up anymore of the floor AND adding a little bit of storage space!

We started out by grabbing a 6 foot 1x5 piece of pine wood and cutting it into for pieces that will fit together to form a rectangle (the size of this depends on you and your space!). We cut these pieces on an angle. To do this, I used a circular saw and adjusted it to be on a 45 degree angle. Cutting it on an angle makes the finished product look more clean and professional!


Next, grab the pot you wish to use in the planter and find a drill bit that is a good size for your pot to fit into. The hardware store has these special drill bits that cut perfect circles into wood! Go ahead and drill a hole into the bottom center piece of the shelf!

Next, sand all of your pieces and wood glue all of the corners together! Clamp and tape the corners to hold in place while it dries!


For added security, we added some L shaped brackets to each corner on the back! Finally, we added some picture hanging hardware to the back to hang it on the wall!


And that’s today’s episode of plant week! Tune in on Wednesday and Thursday for two more plant related things!

If you make any of the planters today, be sure to tag us in your photos using the hashtag #SorryGirlsSquad! Also be sure to check out the video below for more!

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