Today we are back at IKEA to upcycle some ‘As Is’ section products! We took your suggestions from the last IKEA upcycle and got hunting! We ended up with this huge round mirror with a white frame, and a CLASSIC IKEA staple, the short square side table. We got back to the office and got DIYing!


So! You guys suggested a vanity/mirror setup in our last IKEA upcycle video, and that’s what we’re going to try and make today!

Let’s get started on this mirror! We loved the shape of the mirror, but not the white frame that came with it.


So, we started by flipping the mirror over and removing the frame. The frame had a bit of glue (that was easy to peel off) and some small metal pieces keeping the frame attached to the mirror.


Once the frame was off, we got started on the base! We picked up these random blocks of wood from IKEA that were in the ‘As Is’ section. We’re guessing they are a part from another product, but we’re going to use them to make a really cool and trendy base for this mirror. The plan is to glue the mirror in between the two pieces of wood. To make the base a little more interesting, we cut on an angle on each end of the wood to get this cool angular look. We cut the wood with a circular saw, and sanded it with a power sander.


Lookin good! Time to glue.


We applied some construction adhesive to each inside side of the blocks of wood, and stuck our mirror in between the two pieces! Be sure to clamp the two pieces of wood together while it’s drying!


Time to work on this table! We decided to keep it super simple with this table, and simply replace the legs with some taller ones (also found in the ‘As Is’ section!). Now it’s the perfect height to do your makeup!


And that’s it! Here’s our finished setup!


We loved how this turned out (especially that amazing mirror!!). If you make anything that we’ve made today, please show us on Instagram using the hashtag #SorryGirlsSquad! Also check out the video below if you’re more of a visual learner (and you wanna see our IKEA adventure!).

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