We are SO excited to be making our very first batch of Halloween costumes of the year! We’ve decided to start off this year with a very trendy, very fun, Instagram inspired batch of Halloween costumes. We’re taking the top Instagram trends of the year and turning them into hilarious Halloween costumes. These are perfect if you don’t have time to prepare an elaborate costume, but still, want to dress up.



Trendy pool floaties were all the rage this year, so why not be the most popular flamingo pool floaty?!

To make this adorable flamingo pool floaty, start by cutting out two flamingo shaped heads out of some bright pink craft foam.


Cut out black beaks, white beak detailing, and white eye shapes out of craft foam as well. Glue everything into place, and repeat on the other flamingo head. Next it’s time to give this head some structure! Shape a wire into the general shape of the head, and glue it onto the inside of one of the flamingo heads (leaving some wire sticking out at the bottom to attach to our headband later). Attach the second flamingo head to hide the wire. Next, take a headband, and wrap the excess wire around the headband to secure.

Next to make the circular shape of the floaty. Take a bright pink pool floaty and insert a wooden dowel in one end. Shape the floaty into a circle and connect the other end to the wooden dowel. Next, tie pink string to the floaty to form suspenders so that you can wear the tube around your waist! Finish off the costume by wearing a cute bright pink dress, and you’re ready!



For this next costume, we simply combined every Instagram fashion trend from this year that we could think of!

The first trend we incorporated was some Yeezy sock-boots, which we easily made from some thrift store heels and inexpensive socks.

Start by putting the socks over the heels, and cutting a hole into the sock to allow for the heel to fit through.

Next, we worked on a dad-cap. If you don’t own one, you can always take a hat you already own, print out an embroidered patch, and tape it onto the front of the hat.

To finish off this look, we added a faux fenty slide (you can find a DIY for that here), a bomber jacket, some Calvin Klein (a bralette and a top), hoop earrings, and super high waisted jeans.

Lookin’ super trendy, girl! 

3. Gothic icecream


So, this one may take your friends some time to understand but we bet that at least one of them has Instagrammed this trendy treat! The super Instagrammable gothic, black, or charcoal ice cream has been all the rage this year.

To put together this costume, start but putting on an all-black outfit and some smokey black makeup.


The big DIY of this costume is the ice cream cone headband. This was really easy, we just simply took a headband and hot glued some ice cream cones onto it!


4. galaxy slime

It was all over your feed in video form… yes! It’s slime!

We picked up some sparkly vinyl in purple and glue. We cut some drip shapes out from the different coloured vinyl, and hot glued it onto an inexpensive pink dress.

We then cut out some galaxy stars out of glittery sticker foam, and attached it to the dress as well.

Finally, we added some glitter body spray all over the dress and our skin/hair to add even more sparkle!


5. instagram beauty trends

2017 blessed us with some interesting beauty trends, and so we decided to combine them all into this costume. We created some wavy brows, added way too much highlighter, created a drippy ‘Kylie lip kit’ lip, holographic nails, and charcoal toothpaste. We know, ultimate glam.

If you don’t feel like going out and getting a $100 manicure for this costume, go ahead and purchase some holo vinyl, cut out nail shapes, and stick them onto your nails.

For the charcoal toothpaste, we added some food-safe halloween tooth paint to our teeth and carried around a toothbrush with that same paint applied to the bristles.

6. rainbow filter face


For this next trend, everyone tried adding a rainbow onto the side of their faces. We tried creating the rainbow ourselves using a prism in a past video, but after we did that video Instagram decided to add a filter that did what we tried to achieve! We used colourful eyeshadow to paint a rainbow onto the side of our faces.

7. unicorn frappe


If you didn’t take a picture of yourself drinking a unicorn frappe this year, did you even go through 2017?!

To make this costume, start with a pink dress. Next, take some blue craft foam and cut out some drippy syrup shapes from it. Print out the Starbucks logo, and glue the logo as well as these drips onto your dress.

To make the whipped cream headband, spray some all-purpose foam sealant onto a piece of plastic in the shape of a whipped cream topping. Try spraying this in a couple of layers, as this sealant tends to dry better in thinner layers. Next, add a green straw and glue into place and onto a headband.

And that’s it! Seven super easy and super ~trendy~ halloween costumes that are super easy to put together in a pinch. If you want to contribute to our next halloween costumes video, click through to the video below and comment what you want to be for halloween and we might just make it next! If you decide to try out any of these costumes, be sure to tag us using the hashtag #SorryGirlsSquad on Instagram!   

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