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We are super sad that this is the last video in the DIY gift week series! If you haven’t seen the DIYs from earlier in the week, check out the playlist here.


Today, we are making marbled concrete! You can make pretty much anything with this technique, but today we are going to make little plant/tea light candle holders. Super cute, super functional, super gift-able.

Let’s start by mixing our cement! We started by hitting up the recycling bin to find some containers to work with. For this, we used quick set sand cement. You’ll need one container to mix the cement in, one to scoop cement with, and one to create your mold with! Mix up a large batch of cement.


Always check your cement directions, but we mixed four parts cement and one part water. You should get a peanut butter consistency. In a smaller container, mix up a smaller batch of cement that is a little bit more watery. Add some black powder fabric dye to this smaller batch and mix. Add some more cement into this smaller batch to bring it back to a peanut butter consistency.


Try and work fast! This cement will start drying within 20 minutes. Next, go ahead and pour the black cement into the regular cement in small drops. Mix very lightly to maintain separation between the black and regular cement.

Pour your new mixture into your mold and add a smaller item (like the bottom of a water bottle) to create a recess in the cement to place your plant or candle inside. Let this all set and you’re done! Again, check your package directions for drying times


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