Hidden Compartment DIYs

Welcome back and happy 2019! Today we are going to be making some super cool hidden compartment DIYs!



  • A pot

  • Cardboard

  • Faux plant

  • Hot glue

  • Garden rocks

Start out with a pot of your choice - we used this medium sized one that we found at the thrift store. Next grab a large piece of cardboard. Flip your pot over and trace the top of the pot onto the cardboard, this will act as the lid of our hidden compartment. Next, cut a strip of your cardboard and hot glue it to the inside of your pot, about an inch down from the upper lip of the pot.


This will act as a ledge help hold the lid of your hidden compartment up onto the top of the pot.

Next, grab your faux plant of choice, preferably something with a long stem. Cut a small ‘x’ shape into the middle of your cardboard circle, and push the plant through. We then used some hot glue on the inner side to keep the stem in place. As a final step, we are using some garden rocks to cover the rest of the cardboard.




  • 1x3 piece of pine wood

  • 1x4 piece of pine wood

  • 2 foot x 2 foot ¼” plywood

  • Larger piece of ¼” plywood

  • Wood glue

  • Nails

We are going to start by making the inside part of the shelf first. Start with your 1x3 pine. Cut one 24” piece, and two 7.5” pieces. Set these aside. Next, grab your plywood and measure out 8 ¼ “ up from one side of the piece and cut this off. Once you have all of your pieces cut, you can start to form the shape of your shelf. We used wood glue and nails to hold the outer frame together. Next, we attached the bottom piece of plywood with the same technique, except we used smaller finishing nails to do this. Move this aside.


Next, we are going to grab out 1x4” piece of pine. Cut a 25 and ¾” piece, and two 8 ½” pieces. Cut this to size, and follow the same steps as the last shelf to put this together, using the wood glue and nails. Here is a quick tip to nail this shelf together without seeing the heads of the nails in the front of the shelf. Add wood glue to the ends of your wood where you want to add the nails. Add your nails to the pieces, without the front piece of wood. Nail these in enough so that they are shorter than the width of your front piece of wood, but not too short. Next, use some strong wire cutters to cut off the heads of the nails. And then, grab your front piece and nail it into the exposed edges of the nail you just cut! We know, kind of hard to follow. Check out the video below to see what we mean.

Next, grab a larger piece of plywood and trace out your larger shelf onto it to get the exact size! Cut this same shape out twice. Use the same technique from before with the smaller finishing nails to finish off the outer shelf.


We sanded our finished pieces and painted them this really pretty light pink colour. To hang this, all you need to do is use two long nails and some wall plugs to screw the back of the inner piece to the wall. Once that’s up, just slip the cover over your shelf!




  • Pillar candle

  • Glass container (smaller than the pillar)

  • Exacto knife or flathead screwdriver

Start by removing the wick and saving it for later. Trace onto the bottom of the candle using the smaller container as a guide. Start to scrape out the bottom of the candle using an exacto knife - be careful! Keep scraping away until your container fits perfectly into the bottom of the container.

Once you’re happy with the fit, hot glue the container into the candle! Go ahead and flip the candle over, and reattach the wick to the top of the candle. We lit the candle for a couple of minutes to make the candle look as real as possible!


And that’s it! If you liked this blog post, check out the video below! Thanks for reading!

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