We are SO excited to bring you some DIY fall fashion today! Fall is honestly our fave season for fashion because we get to experiment with different coats, accessories, and layers. What we don’t like is how expensive some of these trendy items can be. But, you know, The Sorry Girls have got you covered. Let’s get into these looks and DIYs!

flirty in flannel


Finding a chilled out shirt dress that isn’t too short can be hard, so why not make your own?!

To make this, all you have to do is pick up two flannel tops. These can be tops you don’t wear anymore, or some thrifted pieces, just make sure that they are roughly the same size. Cut both shirts in half.


Feel free to adjust how much you cut off of your tops depending on how long you want your dress to be. The idea is to have the top of one shirt, and the bottom of the other. Flip the two sides inside out and pin them together, good sides together. Simply sew the two sides together, and your shirt dress is done!

We styled this with a super cozy faux sheepskin coat, and some thigh high boots! (Also, if you don't want to DIY a dress, check this one out!


joggers not jogging


For this chilled out look, we DIYed some pink cropped sweats that we are loving for this season!

We picked up some sweats in this cute pink colour from the thrift store. To get started on this transformation, we first took in the bottoms of the pants. Simply pin a diagonal line from the knee down to the ankle to tighten. Sew this into place with the pants inside out. Trim the extra fabric.


To tighten up the ankles even more, we’re adding in some elastic bands. Take some elastic and cut off two pieces the length of the distance around your ankle. Fold over the bottom of your pants and sew a tube for the elastic to go inside of, leaving a gap. Feed the elastic through the gap and sew the elastic together. Finally, sew the gap shut and your sweats are done!

To complete this look, we added a faux fur biker jacket, graphic tee, oversized sunglasses, some hoop earrings, and some low top slide-on sneakers. (And check out these sweet sweats if you don't wanna DIY your own!)

loafing in my loafers

If sweaters aren’t a fall staple, we don’t know what is.

We decided to DIY some super cozy faux fur loafers. Start by grabbing some black flats. You can find these everywhere for super cheap! Start by cutting the sides off on an angle and trim off the back.


Cut out a long ‘U’ shape using some faux shaggy fur. Next, take a small section of the fur and glue it fur side up to the top lip of the shoe, you want a little bit of fur to be peaking out here. As a final touch, we picked up some chain charm from the craft store. We cut off a small section of it to fit on the top of the shoe, and super glued it into place.

To complete this cozy outfit, add an oversized sweater, your comfiest jeans, and your classic sunglasses. (Check out these loafers or these if you don't wanna DIY them!)


ceo: chief executive off-the-shoulder

One of our favourite and easiest fall fashion DIYs is the blanket scarf. We have a video all about how to make these that you can check out here.

We paired this blanket scarf with an off-the-shoulder sweater, paper bag waist pants, maroon gold tipped booties, and a black hat (or this hat). (Check out a cool blanket scarf here).


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