We are back at you with another dollar store challenge! We love these, we know you guys love these, and so we’re bringing it back to you -- back to school style! We headed to the dollar store to see what we could make for back to school on a $10-$15 budget. 

After getting back from the dollar store, we got to DIYing!


finished lamp.jpg

Difficulty: ✂

Cost: $7-$8

Materials: Cute extension cord, plastic bowl, night light (non-automatic), corrugated plastic

Tools: Drill, wide wood drill bit, scissors

lamp supplies.jpg

Kelsey started out by fitting a drill with a wood drill bit that is wide enough to fit the plug of the extension cord through the hole created. She placed her bowl on top of a piece of scrap wood to protect the surface she was working on, and drilled a hole in the bottom of the plastic bowl.

corrugated plastic circle.jpg

She made sure to cut a smaller inner-circle to fit the cord of the plug. To assemble, she threaded the extension cord through the hole in the bowl, added the corrugated plastic around the cord nearest to the hole, and superglued that to the bottom of the bowl.

inner circle corrugated plastic.jpg
night light in lamp.jpg

Once that was dry, she plugged the night light into the socket, and that’s it! A cute and SUPER inexpensive lamp/night light.


frame supplies.jpg

Difficulty: ✂

Cost: $14-$15

Materials:  three small frames, wrapping/printed paper, gold alphabet stickers, white c-hooks.

Tools: Pencil, scissors

On top of the printed paper, I used the gold letter stickers to write today, week, and month on the top of each of the pieces of paper.

add stickers.jpg

You could totally leave it as is, but I think that the busy pattern on the paper would make the writing hard to read. So, to fix this, I added smaller squares of white paper over the patterns to give myself somewhere to write.

cut white.jpg

After everything is glued up, I popped the frame back together! Since the frame is glass, it’ll be easy to write on and erase with whiteboard markers.

frame back together.jpg

To avoid putting up each frame individually, I decided to connect all of the frames using the white c-hooks. Here’s the formula to adding the white c-hooks into your frames -- add two white c-hooks into the top of the ‘month’ frame, add two c-hooks to the top and bottom (the opposite way of the previous frame) of the ‘week’ frame, and two c-hooks to the bottom of the ‘today’ frame (again, the opposite way of the previous frame). And that’s it! Hang this guy up with some command hooks in your dorm room and get organizing!


Head on over to the video below and let us know who won this dollar store challenge! If you decide to try out any of these dollar store DIYs, show us using the hashtag #SorryGirlsSquad.    

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