As you may or may not know… we’re saying goodbye to our current office space and moving into a STUNNING hard loft space. Because we’re moving, we decided to make today’s dollar store challenge all about the loft! Make something for the loft, if you win we take it with us; if you lose it’s staying in the old office. The pressure is ON! Let’s get started.



Kelsey is up first! She went to the dollar store and picked up a clock, bristol board, and three toilet paper holders. She started with the clock, she took it apart so that she could add white bristol board in order to cover up the clock face. She cut out the bristol board and attached it in front of the clock face with hot glue. Next, she flipped over the bottom of the clock and placed the toilet paper holders on the bottom to act as legs. These toilet paper holders are pretty flexible, and so she bent them back so that the legs sat at a diagonal. Next, to attach the legs. This may not be ideal, and you can attach the legs a different way, but since this is a dollar store challenge Kelsey decided to attach the legs using a butt load of E6000 glue. Once the glue was placed, she added some tape to hold the legs in place and prevent them from sagging. This glue should dry for 24 hours! Once the glue is dry, she flipped the table on it’s legs and added the clock face back onto the base. And she’s done!



My turn! I went to the dollar store not really knowing what I wanted to do, but I quickly found a very cute paper towel holder, a roll of craft paper, a roll of tin foil (you’ll see what I do with this later), and some squares of cork board. First, I hot glued my two squares of cork board together and then glued them onto the back of my towel holder. While that dries, I’m going to cut my craft paper to size. I wasn’t sure how I would be able to cut the entire roll at once neatly, and so I opted to roll out the whole roll and cut it that way. Next I taped one end of my paper to the towel holder, and rolled it back up! The final step is pretty genius if I do say so myself! Taking that trusty roll of tin foil, we are going to not use the foil but instead use the little ripper strip (?) off of the tin foil box! We’ll use this to rip our brown paper. Next, unroll your craft paper and glue the ripper strip over the paper so that the paper can slide through it and rip! And I made a thing!

GUYS! The competition is stiff! Who do you think won this Dollar Store loft challenge??! If you make any dollar store diy’s please show us with the hashtag #SorryGirlsSquad! And be sure to check out the video below to watch how this challenge panned out...

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