Valentine’s Day is the one holiday a year we let ourselves get a little crafty and cheesy. If you’re looking for something a little more than a card but still takes no time at all, these are for you! We made these super adorable Valentine’s keychains with cute, punny sayings out of Shrinky Dink paper and keychain sets. We also included a template we made of our own drawings but feel free to get creative on your own! Happy Valentine’s Day!


Cost: $5 – $10
Difficulty:  ✂

– Shrinky Dink paper
– Our Pre-Made template linked below!
– Sharpies
– Key Chain Set
– Something flat (like a notepad)
– Paper or Card Stock
– Stickers

– Scissors
– Ruler
– Hole Punch
– Oven

Make sure to watch the video for full instructions!

As always, if you make this DIY tag us on instagram @thesorrygirlsdiy or use the hashtag #thesorrygirls for a chance to be featured!

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