Who else doesn’t feel like spending $200+ every time a new trend comes along? ME! Growing up my mom taught me to buy items that will last me years. Nowadays I find that my coat can’t even make it through one season without being considered outdated. Same thing goes for boots. I’m absolutely in love with the thigh high boot trend but I was not about to drop two cell phone bills (Canadian phone bills get up there) on a pair of shoes that I may only be in love with for one season.

Queue the “let’s DIY them” conversation. I had these old ankle boots that I already tried to DIY because the heels were scraped up, so we decided to turn them into a pair of sexy thigh high boots. You really only need a couple of things to do this DIY, find the list below!


Cost: (assuming you already have an old pair of boots) $20

Difficulty:  ✂ ✂

– an old pair of ankle boots
– fabric glue
– stretch micro-suede fabric, 1.5 will be more than enough
– a friend (this will help!)

– sewing machine or needle and thread
– fabric scissors
– pins
– craft utility knife

You guys know to check out the video tutorial for our step-by-step instructions!

If you make this DIY or anything else be sure to tag us (@thesorrygirlsdiy on instagram) or #thesorrygirls so we can see it and maybe even re-post. We love seeing what you guys come up with!

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