It’s cold! And we’re all about turning old inexpensive thrifted sweaters into cool trendy sweaters, right? We went to the thrift store and picked up some sweaters that we thought had some potential


We’re going to start with Mr. Mustard. We love the colour of this one, but the cut is a little bit basic. We’re going to turn this one into a super cute cropped sweater! We first put the sweater on and marked with pins how short we wanted it to end up being. After cutting at the pins, we cut off the pretty refined bottom of the sweater so that ours could have the same finish. We pinned the refined edge to the edge of our cut, sewed it together, and we’re done!



We’re going to do a bunch of funky things to this one! We wanna make this sweater a tunic, which means chopping off these sleeves. We also want to add a side slit to cut some of the bulky-ness of the sweater. Depending on the knit of the sweater, you’ll need to hem all of the cuts you make to prevent the knit from unraveling. This sweater is a chunky knit, so we’re going to hem our cuts, and you’re finished!

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 4.40.06 PM.png


This one is inspired by the gems we see around the necks of trendy (and pricey!) sweaters in the shops. We love to reuse, and so we got our necklace from the thrift store as well, though you can go to the fabric store and get trim specifically made for this use. We’re going to lay the necklace down onto the sweater, and add some stich marks around key points of the necklace to keep it in place.


So, this grey one really wants some metallic realness added to it. So, we went to the craft store and picked up this grey metallic fabric paint. We’re going to attempt to make a grey ombre from the bottom of the sweater. We grabbed a huge paintbrush and got to painting!  You can totally get creative with this one, and we’re totally happy with how this one turned out!


This is the extremely popular choker/cut out sweater! So, what we’re going to do with this one is cut out an inverted triangle shape below the collar (keeping the collar intact and attached to the sweater!). You can put on the sweater and pin how deep you want your ‘V’ to go. Our sweater just happens to be a very tightly knit wool, and so it looks like we won’t need to hem the cuts. But, again, depending on the sweater you’ll have to hem your cuts. And you’re done!

These turned out cuter than expected!? And they were unbelievably easy? Just a note on these DIYs, we recommend hand washing these sweaters to make sure your alterations don’t become damaged. Cutting a sweater that is knit does affect the integrity of the build, so just be careful when washing!

We love love love to see what you guys make, so use the hashtag #SorryGirlsSquad to show us what you do! And watch the video below to see how we made each sweater! Thanks for reading!

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