We loved the look of Jared Leto’s Joker in the new Suicide Squad movie and wanted to try out a more femanized version that was easy to DIY for Halloween! We also tested out a more “assembled” style DIY that was featured thrifted pieces we show you has to style instead of making the entire costume from the ground up. How did we do? Let us know what you think!



  • Sand Paper
  • Wood Glue
  • Tape
  • Paint Brushes
  • Super Glue

To make the female inspired Jared Leto Joker costume, we picked up some key pieces from the thrift store. Obviously you can interpret this costume however you’d like with whatever you are able to find. The pieces we chose were black strappy heels, (keeping it simple because he’s actually barefoot in a lot of the promo shots) navy cigarette pants (a slightly sexier version of the joker’s sweat pants), this amazing purple trench coat that was too good to pass up, and some purple medical gloves which you can easily find online.

To make the Joker’s cane, we have these two pieces of 5/8 in wooden dowel that we pre cut to be 33 in long and 5 in long. We’re going to place the small piece on top of the long piece horizontally to form a “T” shape. Sand down the middle of the small piece so that it sits better against the top of our long piece. Using some purple paint, paint both pieces. Once the paint is dried, use some wood glue to glue both pieces together and hold in in place with some tape while it dries. After that, we added some detail with liquid gold leaf on both sides of the handle as well as around the bottom of the cane.

A key aspect of this costume is the Joker’s tattoos. We were able to find replicas of the tattoos online. We chose the two most noticeable ones and resized them for you on our blog. We’ll link the source as well below if you want all of his tattoos. Print this page out on some tattoo paper (we’ll link where you can buy that below). Once the ink is dry, lay on the adhesive cover. Cut out your tattoos and they’re ready to be applied!

The tattoos are super easy to apply, just take off the protective film, place on your skin, and hold still with a damp cloth on the back for one minute.

This last DIY was a creative decision as we thought a choker was much more trendy than his giant gold chains. We took a strip of gold leather, which you can always paint if you don’t have gold, and glued on two bits of cord to each end to tie it up.

For the hair, we opted for a long sleek green wig, which we were generously gifted by It’s a lace front and the quality is amazing! We think it added just the right touch and we have it linked above for you!

Check out the full tutorial here:

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