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So, a while back we were sitting around the table at the office throwing around ideas. We started talking about if making our own rug was possible. We kind of decided that it would be too hard and dropped the idea. Flash forward to now, and we talked about the idea again and decided to give it a shot! We actually discovered a super easy way to do this and we’re so excited to share!

what you'll need:

  • Plastic chicken wire
  • Very chunky yarn
  • Scissors
  • Time. Lot's of time.  

Roll out your chicken wire and cut to your desired carpet size. We layed ours out on some craft paper because we’re planning to do a black design on a mostly white rug. So we took a sharpie, outlined the size of our rug and then drew the design with pencil on to the kraft paper. We found this the easiest way to figure out what design we wanted and then transfer with sharpie to the chicken wire once we were decided.  You can do any colour or design you’d like! Drawing this design onto the wire will help us know where to put which colour of yarn. We’ll explain this more later!


Once the design is drawn on, we’re taking the chunkiest white yarn we could find; this one is called “ginormous”. We’re going to go down the horizontal rows of the chicken wire skipping every other one and only tying a piece of yarn to every vertical side of the square. Leave the first column free because we’ll need this for the tassels later. Without cutting the yarn, twist the end and slip it from the top, under the vertical side of the chicken wire square, and back up on the other side. Tie a knot with about an inch and a half of yarn on the cut sticking out end and pull tight. Be careful not to go super tight or the plastic wire will start to curl. Then you can go ahead and cut the side of the yarn that is still attached to the spool at a similar height. We’re going to come back and trim this up later. Keeping the yarn on the spool is ideal for not wasting as much yarn since you need long pieces in order to tie them into knots. Continue adding your knots.


When you reach a part of the chicken wire that has the design drawn on it, make sure to switch up your yarn colour of choice! Since the black design was fairly skinny, we didn’t skip any vertical rows on the squares that were coloured black. This made sure our black lines showed up well.

Okay we knew this would take a while, this is project is a labour of love like knitting a whole sweater or making a puzzle. But for purposes of getting this video out this week and not in a month, we cut the design a bit to make the rug a manageable size for this video. You can make it any size you like, even attaching pieces of the chicken wire together with string or a thin wire to make a bigger base.

So a rug this size will take about 12 hours over two days to complete. It’s something you do while watching tv or just hanging out!


Once all your knots are tried it’s time to give your rug a little trim! We just want to even everything up and make it look a little cleaner. We had the idea to attach a sticky rug pad to the back of our rug just to secure everything and add cushion but this is an additional expense that isn’t completely necessary. If you’re making this rug for a higher traffic area, want to reduce shedding and add comfort, pick up an adhesive rug pad!


The last step is to add some tassels! We looped one long piece of yarn folded in half through the end squares that we left free. Push the folded end through a square about an inch or so and loop the other ends through it to form a knot.  Make sure that however many individual pieces you have in the end is divisible by 3. Once your row is complete, take 3 of the end pieces and braid them together. Tie the bottom in knot and trim the extra yarn if you need to. Repeat until you have all of your braided tassels!


And that’s it! If you make a rug, show us on Instagram using the hashtag #SorryGirlsSquad. Also be sure to check out the video below if you’re more of a visual learner. Catch ya next time!

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